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Альбом "121 Years" представляет собой другую сторону Brock Van Wey-я (он же bvdub), смешивая типичные для bvdub глубокие меланхоличные мелодии с атмосферным DownTempo и элементами легкого Drum'n'Bass и Jungle.

01. 3 Years Gone
02. 10 Days We Shared
03. 1 Night to Rule the World
04. 1983
05. 9 Winters to Tell You
06. 1995 to Forever
07. 2 Summers of Love

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1. Miracle (04:54)
5. Can't Sleep (04:40)
6. Sun and Moon (04:48)
7. Good For Me (06:04)
8. Sirens Of The Sea (04:50)
9. Love Is Not Enough (05:31)
10. On A Good Day (04:23)
11. Alone Tonight (04:37)

Omitted Tracks:
2. You Got To Go (05:38)
3. Satellite / Stealing Time (05:05)
4. Thing Called Love (04:20)
12. Making Plans (04:24)


Альбом состоит из хорошо известных работ, исполненных на акустических инструментах, в сочетании с прекрасным вокалом, что позволяет им обрести новое дыхание. Инструментальная версия получилась великолепной. Идеальная подборка для романтического отдыха, вечером у камина.


Все композиции альбома исполнены на акустических инструментах - гитаре, фортепиано, скрипке, не на элекронных. И это так радует слух - мелодичность, чистота звуков, гармоничность. Все, что могут подарить нам классические инструменты, вылилось в этот альбом.


Above & Beyond Acoustic - Full Concert Film Live from Porchester Hall (Official Video)



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01. Sonne (Instrumental - Chill Out Version) (05:13)
02. Midnight (Chill Out Version) (08:31)
03. Energy (With Tim Brownlow - Chill Out Version) (06:46)
04. Sleepless (Chill Out Version) (05:24)
05. Yellow (05:41)
09. Red Sky (Chill Out Version) (07:37)
10. Berlin-Moscow (Chill Out Version) (06:08)
11. Epic Shores (With Meredith Call - Chill Out Version) (02:44) (Partial)
12. The Third Eye (Chill Out Version) (07:34)

Omitted Tracks:
06. Dancing In The Dark (With Ameerah - Chill Out Version) (07:07)
07. Orange (03:54)
08. Velvet Aeroplane (With Kate Havnevik - Chill Out Version) (06:05)


The German sound-pioneer is a house-hold name in the world of electronic music, particularly in the fields of ambient and chillout-music.

In the past he has produced chillout mixes for artists like RAMMSTEIN or MIKE OLDFIELD.

Now he is coming up with a full-length album packed with chillout-versions of his gold-selling no 1 album 'Sun' 'Sun' - The Chill Out Edition includes chill-out mixes of the best tracks of the regular 'Sun' album and sets a new level in the world of ambient and chill out music. Inspired by electro classics like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Jean - Michel Jarre, von Deylen creates visionary sounds that are ahead of their time.

This has also impressed the President of the world-leading classical label 'Deutsche Grammophon' who has invited SCHILLER to appear on his prestigious label with the album 'Opus' an electronica album inspired by classical melodies which features some guest artists from the classical world such as Anna Netrebko or Helene Grimaud. 'Opus' got released internationally as a priority release by Deutsche Grammophon/Decca International also in the first quarter of 2014.




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The second is more of a chill type CD.

01. Contact (5:32)
02. Trace Of Life (6:28)
03. When Angels Travel (Feat. Stefan Erbe) (7:25)
05. Supersonic (7:24)
06. Pacific Avenue (Feat. Fade) (6:56)
07. Red Sun (7:51)
08. The Mission (6:51)

Omitted Tracks:
04. Jetstream (Feat. Anova) (4:26)
09. Love The Silence (5:47)
10. Cursed By Beauty (6:16)
11. Galaxia (7:04)
12. Breathe (Feat. Anova) (2:50)


First song on disc 2 is the album-titled track “Contact.” It starts with a calm and tranquil tone that quickly changes up into a hammering break beat. The catchy tune got me moving and for the first time since the start of the album, put a smile on my face. Although not a characteristic trance song, it was a pleasant surprise and I really enjoy the more laid-back and groovy feeling this song instills in you. Once it really got going in the middle, it was impossible for me not to get up and dance around my living room. I was hoping this funkiness would continue into the following tracks but to my surprise, it did not. In fact, the rest of the disc is a collection of beautifully crafted down tempo, minimal, and ambient tracks that if you told me that they were produced by ATB before I knew it, I would have laughed in your face.

I must give it up to ATB here and applaud him for producing something out of the box and doing it so well. I would have LOVED to hear the old ATB; the trance legend that we have all come to know and love so dearly, but I have come to the realization that that might not ever happen. I have to realize that ATB has moved on and is trying new things. I can’t really fault the guy, as so many other “trance” DJs have done the same and moved on from producing trance tunes, but I will still keep hope that one day, in the distant future, the king of “Ectasy,” “You Are Not Alone,” and “Don’t Stop” will return to his roots and bless us with amazing songs that I know he is capable of producing.




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Alexander Sokolovsky aka Wind Of Buri was born in 1984. Was fond of music from an early age. Mixing music started professionally in 2011. Preferred styles of New Age and Neoclassical.

01. Miika Kuisma - Sunset Way
02. Leama & Moor - Communications
03. Lange - Home
04. Sasha - Wavy Gravy
05. Synthetic Substance - The Depth Of Ocean
06. Planisphere - Timestop
07. Asura - Regenesis
08. Above & Beyond - Indonesia
09. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Ask You Again (Album mix)
10. Zero Cult - Indigo Dream
11. Digital Mystery Tour - Dematerializer
12. Electric Universe - Journey Into Outer Space
13. Solar Fields - Confusion Illusion (Remix)
14. Jaytech - Nighthawk (Original Mix)
15. Autoclav 1.1 - This Is For Love



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