Energostatic records is a music netlabel that specializes in deep and ambient artifacts, founded by people who demand creativity and aesthetic health.

We show you the boundaries of this world and expose something beyond the orbit of imagination.
We are not anchored to them, we are the flow.
We still continue to explore the multi-dimensional manifold through musical impacts and share this music with you, as it might be useful to retrieve the hidden knowledge.
Reach, resist, research…



Styles: Psybient, Hip-Hop Reggae, Chill Beat, Acoustic Drone Ambient, Dark Trip Hop, Drone Ambient, Acoustic Ambient, Atmospheric DubStep, Abstract Trip-Hop, Space Ambient, Indie Electronic, Atmospheric Breaks

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01. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis [Psybient]
02. Dr. Alban - Roll Down Di Rubber Man [Hip-Hop Reggae]
03. London Grammar - Hey Now (XYPO Remix) [Chill Beat]
04. James Murray - Floods [Acoustic Drone Ambient]
05. Massive Attack - Antistar [Dark Trip Hop]
06. Jason Graves - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Dead Space Original Soundtrack) (Distribution Mix) [Drone Ambient]
07. Klaus Schulze - Follow Me Down, Follow Me Down [Acoustic Ambient]
08. Merce - Memories [Atmospheric DubStep]
09. Massive Attack Feat. Hope Sandoval - The Spoils [Abstract Trip-Hop]
10. Speck - Sleep Alone [Space Ambient]
11. London Grammar - Sights [Indie, Electronic]
12. Stewart Keenan, Michael Levan - Magnolia (Michael & Levan Remix) [Atmospheric Breaks]

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Попытка профессиональной записи музыкального инструмента, который представляет собой ладовый подбор бронзовых пластин (бил, плоских колоколов), изобретённого и изготовленного колоколо-литейщиком, звонарём Александром Жихаревым.

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01.Ishq - Moonlight Sea
02.Phrozenlight - Floating Between Angels
03.C418 - Minecraft
04.OM aka Ovnimoon - Lost look
05.Fanger & Kersten - Alien Waters
06.Trickform - Between Myself
07.Speck - Sleep Alone
08.Thomas Fanger - Twinkling Sun
09.Gus Till - River of Air
10.Spiral System - Elephant
11.Jairamji - Stabilizing In Chaos
12.Antendex - Asteron
13.Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Textures2 IV
14.Connect.Ohm - Fossil
15.Aspectee - Leanon
16.Horschwelle - Me and My Headphone
17.Bvdub - Had to be there



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Чарующий инструментальный эмбиент, пропитанный ирландским этническим фольклором. Один из тех несправедливо забытых шедевров мультипликации, из замечательных, но малоизвестных мультфильмов. Музыку писал композитор Брюно Куле вмесие с ирландским фолк-коллективом Kíla. Несколько песен исполняют певицы Лиза Ханнеган, Нольвенн Леруа, Люси О'Коннелл.

02. Bruno Coulais - The Mother's Portrait
03. Bruno Coulais - The Sea Scene
05. Bruno Coulais - The Key In The Sea
06. Kila - The Derry Tune
08. Bruno Coulais - Dance With The Fish
12. Lisa Hannigan - Head Credits
15. Bruno Coulais - Sadness
19. Bruno Coulais - The Storm
20. Kila - Katy's Tune
21. Lisa Hannigan - In The Bus
23. Lisa Hannigan - Amhrán Na Farraige

Omitted Tracks:
01. Lisa Hannigan - Song Of The Sea
04. Lisa Hannigan - The Song
07. Bruno Coulais - In The Streets
09. Bruno Coulais - The Seals
10. Lisa Hannigan - Something Is Wrong
11. Bruno Coulais - Run
13. Bruno Coulais - Get Away
14. Bruno Coulais - Help
16. Slim Pezin - Molly
17. Bruno Coulais - I Hate You
18. Bruno Coulais - Who Are You
22. Lisa Hannigan - The Thread
24. Nolwenn Leroy - Song Of The Sea (Lullaby) (From Song Of The Sea)
25. Nolwenn Leroy - La chanson de la mer (berceuse) (Extrait du film Le chant de la mer)

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