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1. Shiva Manas Puja (5:58)
2. Bhavanyastakam (10:19)
3. Shivoham (6:29)
4. Atmastakam (7:42)
5. Lingashtakam (6:33)
6. Om Nama Shivaya (31:33)

Spacious, transcendental Sanskrit Chants for meditation and silence.

Includes "Shiva Manas Puja", "Shivoham" and "Astakams" - chants by Sri Adi Shankara. A long, slow, majestic rendition of "Om Nama Shivaya" with many voices, does transport the listener to an expansive, sacred space.

The Sanskrit pronunciation and performance has been carefully guided by a great living spiritual master, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation. His guidance and grace has made these recordings extraordinary in their power and depth.

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Styles: Ambient, Psychedelic Ambient, Chillout, New Age, Ambient Pop, Meditative, Ambient Electro-Rock

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01. Chronos - Planetarium (Aquarius Edit) [Ambient]
02. Derek Howell - Frijoles Frescos [Psychedelic Ambient]
03. Electrypnose - Neverending Story [Psychedelic Ambient]
04. H.U.V.A Network - Time Circles [Psychedelic Ambient]
05. Leama & Moor - Shades Of Yellow (Original Version) [Chillout]
06. Fila Brazilia - Lullaby Berkowitz [Ambient]
07. Oceanlab - I Am What I Am [New Age]
08. Solar Fields - Detection (Partially Detected) [Psychedelic Ambient]
09. Svetlana Vladimirskaia - Malchik Moi [Ambient Pop]
10. Yonderboi - Amor [Ambient]
11. Symbian And Venja - Taking The Waters [Meditative]
12. Tau Kita - Flying In The Rain [Ambient Electro-Rock]

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01. DR - Without You (Live Draft) 02:56
02. Doors In The Sand - My July 04:37
03. Jameel - Just Feel Me 05:42
04. Jameel - KV (Feat The Orange) 06:10
05. Nafis - The First Breath 06:06
06. PoisonPro - Eternity 04:21
07. WORM - Shine (Feat Anna Herz - Chillout mix) 05:31
08. Sunbird - Autumn Streets 07:04
09. Sunbird - Emitter 07:08
10. The Orange - Edem (Club Mix) 07:30
11. The Orange - Color That 07:10
12. The Orange - My Little Sad Cloud 07:03
13. DR - Window (Live Draft) 05:16

Russia's very own Vasily Dvortsov, better known as The Orange, kicks off a release bonanza on the highly anticipated, newly established Iji Music sub-label, with his very first mixed compilation. Felicitously named 'Orangereya - The Secret Garden'.

This continuous mixed compilation will take the avid listener on a journey of raw emotions, feel-good sensations and mesmerizing beats. Blending in a plethora of different genres, from chill out to progressive, Iji Music's first release perfectly captures the essence of a long journey through life.

If you're an enthusiast for beautiful, relaxing melodies, then there's no better way to start off the journey than with 'Without You' by D.R., suitably followed 'My July', a mesmerizing lounge number by Doors In The Sand. Other beautiful melodic, relaxing chill out tunes includes Nafis's 'The First Breath' and PoisonPro's 'Eternity' among others.

Continuing on with the journey, Orangereya takes on a more relaxing progressive turn with 'Emitter' by Sunbird, lustrous sounds from Jameel with 'Just Feel Me' and a collection of other enchanting numbers.

Not forgetting trance lovers out there, The Orange adds in a couple of trance tracks with the heavenly 'Autumn Streets' by Sunbird and two of his original tracks - 'Edem' and 'My Little Sad Cloud'.

Whether you're on a long commute from work, chilling with friends or just relaxing on the beach, 'Orangereya - The Secret Garden' is the perfect soundtrack, perfectly blending a plethora of genres that will entice the ears of to every music enthusiast out there.



Styles: Drum & Bass, Electronic Rock, Esoteric, Ambient DownTempo, Atmospheric Ambient, New Age, Dark Trip-Hop, Electronic Reggae, Chillout, Psy Ambient, DubStep

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01. Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y Remix) [Drum & Bass]
02. Dave Gahan - Saw Something [Electronic Rock]
03. Enigma - Goodbye Milky Way (Radio Edit) [Esoteric]
04. Terra Nine - No Return (Ott Remix) [Ambient DownTempo]
05. Alucidnation - Solitaire [Atmospheric Ambient]
06. Sunlounger - Lost (Chill Version) [New Age]
07. Massive Attack Feat. Mos Def - I Against I (Digitally Remastered) [Dark Trip-Hop]
08. Tom Fire Feat. Matthew Mcanuff - Brainwash [Electronic Reggae]
09. iiO - At The End (Sat & Lee Howler Reprise Imitation Edit)
10. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Init [Psy Ambient]
11. John Dahlback - Everywhere (D.O.N.S. Vs. Tranquillo Chill Mix) (Alexandre Noctua Dubstep Bootleg) [Dubstep]
12. iiO - Rapture (Soulside Remix) [Chillout]

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