Какой у нас коридор возможностей и какие пути выхода из под власти закулисных социопатов.

Cами термины теория заговора, конспирология это вброс определённых государственных ведомств, с целью дискредитации и высмеивания журналистов и гражданских лиц чрезмерно увлекшихся изучением деятельности тайных обществ, мирового закулисья, и всего что скрывается глобальной элитой от глаз общественности.

Everything you wanted to know about masks and COVID and were not too afraid to ask

Mask expert Stephen Petty shares his abundant knowledge and experience: MASKS DON'T WORK. But they DO CAUSE HARM.

Masks have not ever been and cannot be an effective control for airborne virus control. Engineering controls (air filtration/circulation and destruction) have been the solution for 80 years with good reason.

Stephen Petty:
- Certified industrial hygienist
- Certified safety professional
- Professional engineer
- 45 years in the field of health and safety, trying to protect workers and the public from toxins
- Named/testified in over 400 legal cases related to exposure control and personal protective equipment (PPE)


Ineffectiveness of masks in mitigating SARS-Cov-2

How the central banks are deliberately destroying the global economy? Why 'they' are using a "pandemic" as the catalyst? Who are the people pulling the strings? What we can do to resist?