Вышеупомянутые стили в антураже афробита.

00:00 Black Coffee & Hugh Masekela - We Are One
06:07 From P60 & Lisa Shaw - Magic (Enoo Napa Remix)
11:20 Keinermusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME) - Muyè (Black Coffee Remix)
18:06 Black Coffee feat. Toshi - Buya (Da Capo Remix)
23:26 Shimza - All Alone (Original Mix)
27:20 Da Capo - Kelaya (Original Mix)
32:48 Danny Tenaglia ft Celeda - Music is the Answer (Dancin' & Prancin')
33:05 Leroy Styles - The Night [Unreleased]
38:10 Black Coffee & Bucie - Superman (Original Mix)
39:13 DeMajor ft Lizwi - Traveller (Kususa & QueTornik Official Remix)
46:03 Da Capo - Umbovukazi (Original Mix)
51:15 Vestaa - The Creation (Original Mix)
56:43 Da Capo & Tshepo - Africa (Original Mix)
1:02:14 Calypso De Sir - From A Distance (Original Mix)
1:06:44 Black Coffee & Hugh Masekela - We Are One (Original Mix)

Snowflakes drift through the forest. An old man, as old as the hills, lives alone in a remote hut. The winter is so cold that he can barely move his limbs. When a robin flies against his window and falls to the ground the old man first has to pause for thought. Then he pushes open the heavy front door and stomps outside to help the bird. Out in the deep snow his strength begins to fail him. But no sooner does he take the tender creature in his hands than a change comes over him. Life radiates in luminous colours and returns to the old man’s hut. As it used to. Or is this just one last memory? An inventively animated rumination on love, on bidding farewell and the cycle of life.

Отдыхал, снимал, смонтировал... реверснул.

После ядерного апокалипсиса, используя экспериментальную технологию, отец возвращается назад во времени чтобы провести рядом с сыном последние 10 секунд.

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