Second Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits

Judy Anne Mikovits - a former American research scientist and a controversial virologist.


Other people are publishing our results with different interpretations, and everyone of the perpetrators of the crimes continue to be paid tens of millions of dollars, for ex. one was awarded a $34000000 grant right after that [our] study was published by Tony Fauci, to set up the center for discovery and diagnostics, and he's been spending it on corona viruses in the different labs ever since.

I'm telling people everywhere, please do not get a flu vaccine at the end of the summer, or we will see another outbreak of COVID 19, that vaccine will drive the pandemic just as the flu vaccine in Italy drove the excessive number of deaths, in Italy that's one of the most dangerous untested vaccines I've ever seen.

What we see with COVID pandemic is that simple natural products and means with nutritional support aren't even discussed, ways to enhance the immune system are only driven towards patentable vaccines and patentable antiviral therapies.

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