• «Америка это не страна, Америка это бизнес.»

    "Killing Them Softly" - грамотное кино о том что такое Америка, в понимании Голливуда.

    Жанр криминал, однако на протяжении фильма умело отображены политические противоречия американцев времён Обамы.

    Brad Pitt сыграл хорошо.

    Ключевая фраза фильма: "Америка это не страна, Америка это бизнес."

  • «Свободное Общество» (Джастин Мун) Очерки

    Джастин Мун, южнокорейский бизнесмен, основатель и владелец американской компании Кахр-Армс, производящей и продающей оружие для силовых ведомств. (http://tinyurl.com/kojk6qj)

    Кажется мы давно забыли для чего когда-то создавались правительства. Все начиналось с призывов к свободе и социальным гарантиям, но став хозяином, правительство начало принимать все решения за людей. Сейчас правительство определяет какой медицинской помощью мы будем пользоваться, какие будем получать услуги, какое мы будем получать образование, кем и где мы можем работать. В конце концов мы оказываемся в оковах зависимости и рабства по отношению к нему.

    А ведь всё что нам нужно на самом деле это частная собственность, свободный рынок, и конкуренция, и это называется - саморегулируемое общество. Для появления такого общества самое необходимое условие это минимальные полномочия правительства. Правительству не нужно принимать никаких законов потому что на рынке уже есть конкуренция, при которой предприниматели или компании борются за своего покупателя, и сами формируют правила существования рыночной системы. Именно конкуренция, а не уставы правительства, является залогом общественного благосостояния. Все это достигается при минимальных затратах, и с максимальной свободой.

    Отдаленный пример такой здоровой системы можно было наблюдать на продуктовых рынках. Но сейчас правительство проникло и туда.

    Саморегуляция может иметь место на любом рынке, даже в тех сферах где государство настаивает на необходимости своего присутствия. Если есть конкурентная борьба в сфере образования - возникает саморегуляция. Нет ни единой причины по которой государство должно монополизировать сферу образования. Нет ни единой причины по которой только государство может решать какое образование могут получать люди. Образование может и должно быть предметом личного выбора, когда сами люди свободны выбирать что они хотят изучать.

  • 1001mem

  • Adresare De La Iliuşa Din «The Duck Show» Către Politicieni

    Dacă au urechi să audă şi minte să înţeleagă.

  • Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman In «The Railway Man»

    Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman In «The Railway Man»

    The Railway Man is a 2013 British – Australian made war film directed by Jonathan Teplitzky. It is an adaptation of the bestselling autobiography of the same name by Eric Lomax, and stars Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, Hiroyuki Sanada and Jeremy Irvine. It premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on 6 September 2013.

    During World War II, Eric Lomax (Irvine) is a British officer who is captured by the Japanese in Singapore and sent to a Thai POW camp, where he is forced to work on the Thai-Burma Railway north of the Malay Peninsula. During his time in the camp, Lomax is tortured by the Kempetai for building a radio from spare parts. Years later and still suffering the psychological trauma of his wartime experiences, with the help of his wife Patti (Kidman) and best friend Finlay (Skarsgård), Lomax (Firth) decides to find and confront one of his captors who had escaped prosecution as a war criminal. He returns to the scene of his torture after he has tracked down Japanese officer Takashi Nagase (Sanada) in an attempt to let go of a lifetime of bitterness and hate".







    Русский Трейлер

  • Cum Să Şii Mulidovan Adevărat

    Iliuşa prostii nu spune.

  • Gerard Butler In «Machine Gun Preacher»

    Gerard Butler In «Machine Gun Preacher»

    The film is an adaptation of Childers' memoir Another Man's War. Although the film centers on Childers, it starts off with a scene in South Sudan, where the LRA are attacking a village. This opening scene is placed into context later in the film. Childers was an alcoholic drug-using biker from Pennsylvania. On his release from prison, he finds that his wife has given up her job as a stripper, because she has since become a Christian. Eventually, after almost killing a vagrant the night before, his wife persuades him to go to church with her where he is eventually converted.

    Later, on a missionary trip to Uganda to build homes for refugees, he asks one of the SPLA soldiers watching over them to take him on a trip to the north, to Sudan. The soldier warns him that it is a war zone, but upon Sam's insistence they go. They arrive at a medical tent in Sudan, as his friend moves off to talk came in to some people, Sam is roped in by a redheaded female doctor to help lift a lipless Sudanese woman onto the examination table. That night as they lay on their beds at the relief station, they hear noises outside, when they look out Sam and the soldier see large numbers of Sudanese children swarming in to sleep outside the building. The soldier explains that their parents send them to sleep over there because it is safer than staying in their own village. Sam wakes up the children and gets them to sleep in their room for the night. The next day they follow the children back to their village only to find that the LRA burnt it down and killed their parents. Then one of the children runs after his dog and dies upon stepping on a hidden landmine. Sam then decides to build an orphanage for the children of South Sudan. After the orphanage is built, the LRA attack it under cover of night and burn it to the ground. Sam then phones home, telling his wife what happened and that he is giving up. She reminds him that the orphans have been through worse but they have not given up, and that he should not give up and tells him to rebuild the orphanage.

  • Killagram & MF, клип "Да-да, всё верно"

    [Оскорблённое] лицо - это ещё не признак ума, господа. Все глупости на земле делаются именно с этим выражением лица. [Не оскорбляйтесь], господа, [не оскорбляйтесь]

  • Killagram & MF, клип "Да-да, всё верно"

    [Оскорблённое] лицо - это ещё не признак ума, господа. Все глупости на земле делаются именно с этим выражением лица. [Не оскорбляйтесь], господа, [не оскорбляйтесь]

  • Krujca Mednaea #1

    Эти люди занимают (занимали) руководящие должности в стране где я живу.

  • Kye Sang Yoon In «Poongsan»

    Kye Sang Yoon In «Poongsan»

    Poongsan, whose real name is never revealed, is a mysterious messenger who crosses the demarcation line between the two Koreas, delivering letters and cherished heirlooms between separated families in Seoul and Pyongyang.

    One day he is commissioned by South Korean government agents with the task of smuggling in In-ok, the beautiful lover of a high-ranking North Korean defector, into the South. Yet things take an unexpected turn when the deliveryman falls for the young woman, but their romance is put in jeopardy by the obstacles they encounter.

    Part love story, part postwar tragedy, with a dose of comedy thrown in, the low-budget film Poongsan depicts the sad reality of the division between the two Koreas.

  • One-Time Films

    Хорошее кино, на один раз.

  • Rewind (2018)

    После ядерного апокалипсиса, используя экспериментальную технологию, отец возвращается назад во времени чтобы провести рядом с сыном последние 10 секунд.

  • Rewind (2018)

    Rewind (2018)

  • The Glitch Mob Feat. Swan - Between Two Points

    The weight of dependency.

  • The United States Of 1939-1943

  • Thoughts

    Wisdom is the very recognition of Ignorance.

    Cesar Teruel

    Piracy is not Theft - it's Piracy, Theft removes the original, Piracy make a copy, imagine your car gets stolen, but it's still there in the morning.

    Never tell your problems to anyone, 20% don't really care, the other 80% are glad you have them.

    When nothing goes right... go left.

    Patriotism means to stand by the country. It doesn't mean to stand by the president or any other public official.

    Theodore Roosevelt

    If you want to get rid of something you were never able to, you must be willing to stop doing something you were always used to.

    My Remake of the Previous Quote by Thomas Jefferson

    If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

    Thomas Jefferson

    No matter how big and bad you are, when a two year old hands you a toy phone, you answer it.

    Don't text me while I'm in the middle of texting you. Now i have to change my text.

    Happens Every Single Time I'm Chatting On Skype

    Your BELIEFS don't make you a better person, your BEHAVIOR does.

  • Troll Thoughts

    So you are a model now? And who's is your agency, Instagram?

    When you cry... no one sees your tears... when you're worried... no one sees your pain... when you're happy... no one cares... but fart just once...

    I don't always smile, but when i do, i don't.

    Kristen Stewart

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  • Visual Thoughts