Guy J @ We Are Lost Festival 2018

Играет маэстро, 3 часа с копейками, в основном своё, и немного другого.

Tensal - Tensal Children Of Tomorrow Podcast 14 (Part I) (April 2015) [Techno]

Техно - как оно есть.

01 Tensal - Intberg
02 Deepbass / Nax acid - Erebus
03 Dino Sabatini / Edit Select - Multiplo (Edit Select vers)
04 Tensal - Thesis 2 - Children Of Tomorrow
05 Eric Fetcher - Replaced
06 Dj Deep & Roman Poncet - Extraction Force
07 Slam - Cirklon Bells (Edit Select rmx)
08 Tensal - C-D1
09 Reeko - Star Phases
10 Sleeparchive - Window-092 8 (Oscar Mulero rmx)
11 Drumcell - Departing Comfort (Planetary Assault System rmx)
12 Tensal - Thesis 1 - Children Of Tomorrow
13 Fabrizio Lapiana - Dfract (Reeko rmx)
14 Tensal - Ritual 3
15 Mental Resonance - Silent Invaders
16 Developer - Power Dynamics
17 Sleeparchive - Senza
18 Refracted - Continuum
19 Tensal - C-B1
20 Tensal - Thesis 4 - Children Of Tomorrow
21 Ixm - Matrix

Ujjaya - Raksha Bandhan (Bracelet Of Protection) [Ethnic Drone]

Dedicated to my spirit sister Ganga Bharty who spent 6 years in a cave ilost in the snow of Himalaya. In india each year Sisters and brothers feast each other. The sisters attach a red bracelet on their brother's wrist to protect them from evil if they had to do or to go in a dangerous place (the strict translation is to neutralize the demon - Raksha = Demon, Bandhan = to attach).



Altitudes - Altitude II [PsyChill]

A Co-up between Gabriel Masurel aka Blue Planet Coropration, Johannes Regnier aka Silicon Sound & Yannis Kamarinos aka Jaïa. The track floats by smoothly and hypnotizing. Based around a rather simple theme and some chilled beats it constantly keeps surprising with small variations, adding layers of sound and atmosphere. Solid craftsmanship and a nice opener!


A classical chill out track, very floating, with a great introduction, and some subtle rhythmics. This and the cosmic atmosphere will surely please many listeners.

A very nice track that would fit perfectly as an intro to a melodic full-on set. This piece is generally a happy tune with a slight pinch of depression at times. The melodies are simple, yet overwhelming.

A track filled with rumbling skittering noises followed by a surrounding atmosphere that will cover your chakra with warmth and bliss. You are leaded by a exiting sample about destiny while a beautiful synth captures your attention, and the beat slowly but lovely kicks in.

It’s beautiful, harmonic and peaceful. Like floating in space while watching your face disappear. Altitude is still trippy and floating.

You will get a pleasant guitar sample at the ending of this spacey chill track. A beautiful introduction to an album.

The tune is sweet, dreamy & floating, it's a journey riding on a white cloud around the world, through the birthing icy crystals out there in the sky.




Vassilis Miamis aka Dedast, the younger brother of Side Liner and formerly known as Will-O’-The Wisp, returns with a new ambient chill out album.

Magic atmospheres, soft melodies, ambient electronic and trip hop grooves pleasing our senses and promising a wonderful chill out experience for relax, awake and daydreaming.

1. Reagent Feelings
2. Flashback
3. Link To This World
4. Long Journey
5. Soft Landing
6. Corridors
7. Can't Take It Any More
8. Dollhouse
9. Passing Away