Ofdream - Ninth Gate [ChillStep]


Guy J - Candyland [Progressive Breaks]

Трек наполнен эйфорической красотой, на которую в наше время способен только Guy J и несколько других музыкантов. Атмосферные синты и минималистские перкуссии мелодично наслаиваются, образуя изумительный шедевр в стиле Breaks.



This is a track that is filled with a euphoric beauty that only Guy J and a very limited number of producers can create these days. The keys and melodic wonderment are layered on top of what is essentially a breaks style beat. Think about tracks like Burma by Lostep and you will not be far off, and no I am not exaggerating! This is a superb production.


Energostatic records is a music netlabel that specializes in deep and ambient artifacts, founded by people who demand creativity and aesthetic health.

We show you the boundaries of this world and expose something beyond the orbit of imagination.
We are not anchored to them, we are the flow.
We still continue to explore the multi-dimensional manifold through musical impacts and share this music with you, as it might be useful to retrieve the hidden knowledge.
Reach, resist, research…



Styles: Psybient, Hip-Hop Reggae, Chill Beat, Acoustic Drone Ambient, Dark Trip Hop, Drone Ambient, Acoustic Ambient, Atmospheric DubStep, Abstract Trip-Hop, Space Ambient, Indie Electronic, Atmospheric Breaks

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01. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis [Psybient]
02. Dr. Alban - Roll Down Di Rubber Man [Hip-Hop Reggae]
03. London Grammar - Hey Now (XYPO Remix) [Chill Beat]
04. James Murray - Floods [Acoustic Drone Ambient]
05. Massive Attack - Antistar [Dark Trip Hop]
06. Jason Graves - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Dead Space Original Soundtrack) (Distribution Mix) [Drone Ambient]
07. Klaus Schulze - Follow Me Down, Follow Me Down [Acoustic Ambient]
08. Merce - Memories [Atmospheric DubStep]
09. Massive Attack Feat. Hope Sandoval - The Spoils [Abstract Trip-Hop]
10. Speck - Sleep Alone [Space Ambient]
11. London Grammar - Sights [Indie, Electronic]
12. Stewart Keenan, Michael Levan - Magnolia (Michael & Levan Remix) [Atmospheric Breaks]

Massive Attack Feat. Hope Sandoval - The Spoils [Abstract Trip-Hop]

Песня и музыка притягивают своей глубиной и драматичностью, лиричностью и изысканностью. Massive Attack снова блеснули гранями таланта. Это их вторая совместная работа с певицей Hope Sandoval, первая - Paradise Circus.




"Массивное" видео, передающее образ актрисы Кэйт Бланшет. Клип подчеркивает черты ее лица со всех сторон, которое затем претерпевает трансформацию и морфы, пока не превращается в камень.

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