Composed, played, mixed and recorded by Mathias Grassow 1987/88.
Instruments: keyboards, synthesizers, singing bowls, overtone flute & mixing effects.

M83 - Outro [Electronic, Indie Rock]

Композиция в лучших арт-роковых традициях, впечатляет своей стадионной энергетикой и харизматичным саундом.



Tycho - Melanine [Instrumental Ambient]

Dive might not be the most ambitious instrumental record you hear all year, but it almost always sounds good. Tycho's tracks are built primarily with synths and sampled live instrumentation, and his electro-organic approach.



Shambala Networks @ Playmoss [Deep Ambient, Experimental]

In Buddhism there is a place called 'Shambhala' the 'land of enlightened masters'. (For some it is just a state of mind, I believe it is both. Every Mindstate is a Space, a Space/Place is a Mindstate). I choosed the artist name 'Shambala Networks' for all these places in and outside the Universe, the whole Networking System.

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