Scala & Kolacny Brothers - бельгийский девичий хор, в состав которого также входят братья Стайн Колакни (Stijn Kolacny) - хормейстер и Стивен Колакни (Steven Kolacny) - фортепиано.

Коллектив был основан в 1996 году, получил бельгийскую награду 'Choir of the Year' в 2000 году, после чего были записаны 5 студийных альбомов, начиная с On The Rocks (2002).

Большинство композиций являются кавер-версиями песен знаменитых групп, таких как Radiohead, U2, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Muse, Rammstein, и других.

Любишь особо интеллектуальные онлайн тесты на Facebook, вроде "Давай-ка определим кто ты из великих людей"?


Аргументы Цукерберга:

Facebook says Cambridge Analytica had data on 87 million people

Facebook's Zuckerberg: I started this place, I run it, I'm responsible

Крупнейшая GOA туса, происходящая ежегодно в августе, в Венгрии. Лайн-ап сумасшедший - 101 участник, некоторые ветераны: Ace Ventura, Aes Dana, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields, Tripswitch, Astral Projection

Altitudes - Altitude II [PsyChill]

A Co-up between Gabriel Masurel aka Blue Planet Coropration, Johannes Regnier aka Silicon Sound & Yannis Kamarinos aka Jaïa. The track floats by smoothly and hypnotizing. Based around a rather simple theme and some chilled beats it constantly keeps surprising with small variations, adding layers of sound and atmosphere. Solid craftsmanship and a nice opener!


A classical chill out track, very floating, with a great introduction, and some subtle rhythmics. This and the cosmic atmosphere will surely please many listeners.

A very nice track that would fit perfectly as an intro to a melodic full-on set. This piece is generally a happy tune with a slight pinch of depression at times. The melodies are simple, yet overwhelming.

A track filled with rumbling skittering noises followed by a surrounding atmosphere that will cover your chakra with warmth and bliss. You are leaded by a exiting sample about destiny while a beautiful synth captures your attention, and the beat slowly but lovely kicks in.

It’s beautiful, harmonic and peaceful. Like floating in space while watching your face disappear. Altitude is still trippy and floating.

You will get a pleasant guitar sample at the ending of this spacey chill track. A beautiful introduction to an album.

The tune is sweet, dreamy & floating, it's a journey riding on a white cloud around the world, through the birthing icy crystals out there in the sky.




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