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  • Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (Above & Beyond's San Francisco Mix) & "Journey To The Edge Of The Universe"

    Credit: Journey To The Edge Of The Universe (2008) © National Geographic Channel

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  • bvdub & Nature

    bvdub - It Could Have Been So Beautiful


    bvdub - We Said Forever


    bvdub - I Would Have Waited

  • Den Rize Pres. D.R. - Window (Live Draft)

  • Faithless Feat. Estelle - Why Go

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  • James Holden Feat. Julie Thompson - Nothing & «The Tree Of Life» (Progressive Trance)

    A video reflection on meaning of life, that combines some stunning experimental scenes from "The Tree Of Life" - an esoteric film which chronicles imagery of the origins of the Universe, with a classic progressive trance piece - the "93 Returning Mix" variation of "Nothing", a masterpiece by James Holden Feat. Julie Thompson.

  • MiyaGi

    Хочешь - паникуй, но тихо, без паники...

    Азамат Кудзаев (более известный под псевдонимом MIYAGI, он же Shau) родился 13 декабря 1990 г. Место его рождения - Владикавказ, а текущий город проживания - Санкт-Петербург.

  • Musicless Musicvideo / ELVIS PRESLEY - Blue Suede Shoes

  • Musicless Musicvideo / MUNGO JERRY - In The Summertime

  • Musicless Musicvideo / ROLLING STONES 1964 live at the T.A.M.I. show

  • Musicless Musicvideo / THE PRODIGY - Firestarter

  • O.Z.O.R.A. Festival - Psychedelic Tribal Gathering (August 2-8, 2011)

    OZORA Festival is a Hungarian psychedelic-goa-trance festival which is organized annually in the middle of the summer. The festival is in the forest, the music is very good the people is friendly and the the stage is very trippy, much decoration elements and lights.

    [00:00] Solar Fields - Summer (Ultimae Rec. 2007)
    [07:50] Ozric Tentacles - Xingu (Stretchy Rec. 2001)
    [10:38] Sun Control Species & Behind Blue Eyes - Second Sunrise (Iboga Rec. 2010)
    [14:02] Suntree - Techno Shock (Audioalchemist Rec. 2010)
    [18:00] Entheogenic - Liquid Universe (Universal Symbiosis Rec. 2008)
    [20:40] Penta - Computer Technology (AuraQuake Rec. 2011)
    [23:57] Logic Bomb - Unlimited (Ozora Edit) (T.I.P. Rec. 2011)
    [26:04] Star Sounds Orchestra - Sultana's Delight (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Rec. 2004)
    [28:27] Asura - Everlasting (Altar Rec. 2011)
    [32:50] Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth (DMT remix) (Twisted / T.I.P. Rec. 2000)
    [36:53] Mindwave & Sphera - Perception (IONO Rec. 2011)
    [39:41] Gaudium & Ace Ventura - In Between (Iboga Rec. 2011)
    [43:20] Protonica - Refresh (IONO Rec. 2010)
    [45:50] Vertex & Pion - Sunrise Tonic (Liquid Soul rmx) (Perfecto Rec. 2011)
    [48:23] Tripswitch - Stereogram (Section Rec. 2010)

  • O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2013 (Official Video)

    Крупнейшая GOA туса, происходящая ежегодно в августе, в Венгрии. Кроме традиционного Psy Chill и Psy Ambient, в этом году преобладал Psy Progressive. Среди выступающих выделялись такие знаменитости как Banco de Gaia, Tripswitch, CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS.

  • Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

  • The Glitch Mob Feat. Swan - Between Two Points

    The weight of dependency.

  • The Prodigy - Diesel Power & Guy Ritchie's «Revolver»

    The Prodigy - Diesel Power & Guy Ritchie's «Revolver»

    Под впечатлением от просмотра художественного фильма "Револьвер", и спонтанного прослушивания классического Diesel Power от The Prodigy - осенило соединить сии два шедевра. Ниже то, что получилось.


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