"Killing Them Softly" - грамотное кино о том что такое Америка, в понимании Голливуда.

Жанр криминал, однако на протяжении фильма умело отображены политические противоречия американцев времён Обамы.

Brad Pitt сыграл хорошо.

Ключевая фраза фильма: "Америка это не страна, Америка это бизнес."

Fallen Art (Polish Sztuka spadania) is the name of a 6-minute, animated short film written and directed by Tomasz Bagiński. It features Romanian band Fanfare Ciocarlia's song "Asfalt Tango." The film was produced and created by Platige Image, a VFX company. In 2006 it received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award.

Fallen Art presents the story of General A, a self-proclaimed artist. His art, however, consists of a deranged method of stop motion photography, where the individual frames of the movie are created by photographs made by Dr. Johann Friedrich, depicting the bodies of dead soldiers, pushed down by Sergeant Al from a giant springboard onto a slab of concrete.

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