• "Watch The Water" documentary featuring Dr. Bryan Ardis on the Stew Peter's Show

    The plandemic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid really spread, and did the elite tell the world about this bio-weapon ahead of time? Dr. Bryan Ardis has unveiled a shocking connection between this pandemic and the eternal battle of good and evil.


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  • 16 уловок Нового Капитализма, которые нужно знать и учитывать. Андрей Фурсов

    В чём главная суть надзорного капитализма и что такое "гетерономный индивид". Почему хозяева дискурса хотят навязать нам неизбежность их версии будущего и как именно они это делают. 16 основных приёмов, которые они используют для достижения своих целей.

  • Countdown 2030

    By 2030, you will OWN NOTHING and be HAPPY. This is not just a slogan, or a conspiracy theory. This is 1 of the 8 World Economic Forum (WEF) predictions.

    This might be the most important 1 hour 40 min you spend, unless you don’t mind ending up ‘owning nothing’, being tracked & 24/7 surveiled (under your skin, as per WEF Agenda Contributor, Yuval Noah Harari) and ending up with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), UBI (Universal Basic Income) and eventually Social Credit System.

    Part 1

    Part 2

  • COVID Myths

    COVID Myths

    Vaccine Safety Myth

    What happens to those billions of NanoParticles you've become host to?

    Two Fundamental Mechanisms that Explain Serious Adverse Effects Post-Vaccination

    What could go wrong?

    Designed for the muscle, inadvertently shot in the bloodstream - Good or bad? What do you think?

    No one would ever accept permanent fever... So, why accept permanently high antibodies? It's a "Death Zone”!

    Evolution has pruned out those with constant high levels of antibodies, isn't that a sign we should heed?


    Vaccine Effectiveness Myth

    The Broken Vaccine Promise... (Part 1)

    Vaccines are Ineffective to those who need it most.

    Can a shot in the deltoid stimulate mucus in the airways? The answer is "No"... Then, how can vaccines be effective? (Part 2)

    A 30-year lie on misplaced vaccines.

    Natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced... stating otherwise is disinformation (Part 3)

    Despite the false narrative, clinical data continues to show that natural immunity is best.


    Dangerous Children Myth

    Any Severe Covid Patient Can Produce More Virus Than All The Children in America Combined

    Children were never a danger to society.


    Infection Fatality Myth

    Hospitals could never have absorbed the absurd fatality rates we were sold

    If you are still fighting people who believe the COVID fatality rate is 1% or more, tell them it translates to an impossible 17% hospitalisation rate!

    Was New York actually infected at 83%?

    In May 2020, we had data and analyses that showed the infection fatality rate of COVID was around 0.1%, and that New York had…

  • Covid Truth Network

    Covid Truth Network

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    The World Economic Forum and the Sovereignty of Mankind - Dr. Robert Malone

    "There Is No Medical Emergency" - Dr. Malone Unloads the Truth in Hagerstown

  • Covid Truth Network Vol. 2

    Covid Truth Network Vol. 2

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    Uncovering the Covid Narrative with Dr. Robert Malone

    “There is No Emergency!” – Dr. Robert Malone and the Frontline Doctors Lay Down the Real Facts

  • Defeat The Mandates DC. United we stand, in peace we march. World Wide Rally for Freedom

    Defeat The Mandates DC. United we stand, in peace we march. World Wide Rally for Freedom

    World Wide Demonstration is a peaceful, apolitical, internationally-syndicated community demonstration dedicated to emboldening grassroots citizens to push back against Covid-related restrictions in their own local cities. January 23, 2022, marks the sixth World Wide Rally for Freedom.

    Stop segregating by vaccination status. Stop calling us “unpatriotic” for making a personal medical choice.

    We want to be free:
    - to work!
    - to travel!
    - to learn!
    - to question!
    - to speak!
    - to pray!
    - to say no!

  • Died Suddenly

    Died Suddenly

    For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them. Why do we never believe them?

    Died Suddenly - a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer, the minds behind Watch The Water and These Little Ones

  • Dr. Robert Malone Full-Length Interview. Truth About COVID-19 Medical Fraud

    During his viral podcast with Joe Rogan after he was banned by Twitter, Malone explained how the global population was being manipulated into remaining in a constant state of hysterical anxiety via mass formation psychosis.

  • Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Dogma, Media Fearmongering, and ‘Mass Formation’ Hypnosis of Society

    No one is allowed to market a product that is not yet licensed. There is no licensed vaccine available currently. It is all with emergency use authorization.

    Yet, if you are against mandates - you are an "anti-vaxxer".

    Currently the definition of the term "anti-vaxxer" includes anybody who is opposed to mandated administration of an experimental medical product.

    Dr. Robert Malone - a known vaccine scientist who pioneered the mRNA vaccine technology that is used in COVID vaccines today.


    More content @ Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
    More content @ Second Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
  • Dr. Scott Atlas: The Reality Is The Lockdowns Killed People

    - Sweden and Florida excess mortality proves lockdowns were complete failures
    - Lockdowns failed to stop spread or protect the elderly
    - Lockdowns pushed 130M people around the world into abject poverty
    - 400,000 new deaths from Tuberculosis because of diversion of resources
    - Tens of millions more babies dying of malaria because lockdowns effect on supply chains
    - Half of the 650,000 Americans who have cancer skipped their chemotherapy during Spring 2020
    - About half of heart attack and stroke patients did not call an ambulance because they were afraid to go into a medical facility
    - About two thirds to three fourths of cancer screenings were not done
    - 85% of living organ transplants were not done
    - 300,000 cases of child abuse went unreported in Spring 2020 because school shutdowns
    - Severe child abuse emergency room cases went up 35%
    - 1 out of 4 American college age kids now have suicidal thoughts
    - 300% increase for American teenage incidents of self-harm
    - 200% to 300% increase for young people with anxiety and depression
    - 52% of American college age kids gained an unwanted 28 pounds in 2020


    More content @ Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
    More content @ Second Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
  • Ernst Wolff on the deliberate destruction of the global economy

    How the central banks are deliberately destroying the global economy? Why 'they' are using a "pandemic" as the catalyst? Who are the people pulling the strings? What we can do to resist?

  • European Commission Hearing: Pfizer admits to having lied to the public

    During a hearing before the European Commission, Pfizer admitted that they did not test the vaccine to stop the virus's transmission before it entered the market because they had to "really move at the speed of science ".

    It is now officially that Pfizer deliberately lied to the public and caused serious harm to millions of people.

  • Everything you wanted to know about masks and COVID and were not too afraid to ask

    Everything you wanted to know about masks and COVID and were not too afraid to ask

    Mask expert Stephen Petty shares his abundant knowledge and experience: MASKS DON'T WORK. But they DO CAUSE HARM.

    Masks have not ever been and cannot be an effective control for airborne virus control. Engineering controls (air filtration/circulation and destruction) have been the solution for 80 years with good reason.

    Stephen Petty:
    - Certified industrial hygienist
    - Certified safety professional
    - Professional engineer
    - 45 years in the field of health and safety, trying to protect workers and the public from toxins
    - Named/testified in over 400 legal cases related to exposure control and personal protective equipment (PPE)


    Ineffectiveness of masks in mitigating SARS-Cov-2
  • Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’

    Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’

    There is “no possibility” current variants of COVID-19 will escape immunity. It is “just a lie.”

    Yet, governments around the world are repeating this lie, indicating that we are witnessing not just “convergent opportunism,” but a “conspiracy.” Meanwhile media outlets and Big Tech platforms are committed to the same propaganda and the censorship of the truth.

    Pharmaceutical companies have already begun to develop unneeded “top-up” (“booster”) vaccines for the “variants.” The companies are planning to manufacture billions of vials, in addition to the current experimental COVID-19 “vaccine” campaign.

  • How Dr. Zelenko Bypassed The "Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Ban" to Beat COVID-19

    How Dr. Zelenko Bypassed The "Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Ban" to Beat COVID-19

    I recently spent a couple of days with the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone.

    He had much to say about the importance of natural immunity and all the ways Big Pharma is doing damage to the one thing that is meant to protect your health and sustain your lives.

    In the words of Dr. Malone, “The new data we’ve just learned is that natural immunity is 20 times more protective than the C0vid v@ccine."

    I asked him directly, “Isn’t it a bit arrogant of us to think that man can create something more powerful than nature?” Dr. Malone replied with a grin, “Indeed.”

    According to several new studies, the rush to mass inoculate the global population during a pandemic is doing great harm to our immune systems.

    Is it any wonder the UK and many other nations are reporting the emergence of a horrible new “super cold?”

    One thing is clear. It is imperative that we all begin to boost our body's natural immune system NOW.

    I recently had the honor of interviewing Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, one of the most inspiring people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    For his brave and tireless efforts to save lives, Dr. Zelenko has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    My heart sank when he told me that he had been diagnosed with, Pulmonary Artery Sarcoma, one of the rarest and most deadly forms of cancer there is.

    Dr. Zelenko shared during our interview, “When someone is at this state in their life, they don’t care about money, power or fame. Your value structure changes, and you start to focus and concentrate on what’s really important in life.”

    He continued, “I have 8 children and I want to leave the world a little bit better and safer for them,  for your children and for all of our children.”

    Dr. Zelenko is one of the most inspiring human beings I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

    He’s a true American hero fighting two life and death battles: One is for the life and liberty of all people. The other battle he’s fighting is for his own life. Three years ago Dr. Zelenko was diagnosed with one of the rarest and most fatal cancers.

    Through his quest to heal himself, he’s discovered a formula of over the counter vitamins and medicines and shared his protocol for free with the world. For the countless lives he's saved, Dr. Zelenko was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.

    Now, to make it more accessible and affordable to reach more people, Dr. Zelenko has packaged his potent protocol into a capsule he calls Z Stack.



    More content @ Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
    More content @ Second Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
  • Imagine being brainwashed like that

    Imagine being brainwashed like that

    People are wearing masks and eating fast food and hiding indoors because they've been indoctrinated into believing that healthy humans are a biohazard and that the only exit to safety is a profitable poison provided by Pfizer.

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  • Israel gave all of its citizens health data to Pfizer to get priority access to vaccines

    The bestselling author and historian offers his predictions on how technology will alter the evolution of humans and change society. Anderson Cooper reports.

  • Ivermectin: The Truth on the most effective tool against COVID-19

  • Mikki Willis. Plandemic: Fear Is the Virus. Truth Is the Cure. The Book They Don't Want You to Read

    Mikki Willis. Plandemic: Fear Is the Virus. Truth Is the Cure - The Book They Don't Want You to Read

    An excerpt from the book:

    "...A few weeks later, [my producer] Erik called to tell me he had "good news and bad news." "Hit me with the bad," I said. He replied, "I just learned that our writer is not on our side. She believes the mainstream narrative and thinks we’re crazy."

    "Wonderful," I said as I braced for yet another hit piece. "What’s the good news?" Erik answered, "Actually, she thought we were crazy. She doesn’t think that anymore. Her mind is blown by what she’s discovering through her research."

    We dive deep into the forbidden realms of facts and reality, covering such topics as:
    - My personal story. The death of my brother and mother within the same month, and how those losses led to Pl@ndemic.
    - The real origins of the virus. Tracking the paper trail to fraudulent patents and deadly research practices.
    - The agenda to reduce our civil liberties. Who’s behind this agenda, and what their endgame is.
    - Breaking down the simulations and manifestos that warned us years before of what we’re now just waking up to.
    - How to wake up from psychological subversion and mass psychosis.
    - How the media and their accomplices known as the "fact checkers" control the global narrative.
    - Why tried-and-true medicines are being suppressed, while untested experiential drugs are being pushed.
    - Identifying medicines and modalities that can protect us from future outbreaks.
    - The hidden studies on masks and the dangers of "rebreathing" carbon dioxide.
    - The inconvenient truth about Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and the governing institution they control.
    - Why the richest men in the world are buying up American homes and farmland.
    - Who’s profiting from the pandemic. Would it surprise you to know that COVID gave birth to 500 new billionaires in a single year? Yeah, me too.