Techno @ Bandcamp [Deep, Dark, Melodic, Minimal]

Decennium 1​.​3




Archives (10 Years Affin)

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Banco de Gaia Discography [Ambient, Ethnic, Downbeat, Downtempo, Electronic]

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Banco de Gaia.


For Such a Time


All Sleeping



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Circus Company Label [Electronic, Electro Pop, Electro Acoustic]

Circus Company is an independent French label, founded in 2000 in Paris currently run by Mathias Duchemin.


House Moujik


The Island Of Lost Children Vol​.​II


Rainy Dayz

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Electronic Gems Label [SynthWave, Electro Synth, ChillWave, DownTempo]

Bringing hidden gems of the electronic synth music world to the forefront.


Gratitude: A 25K Compilation


50K Compilation


100K Compilation



Non-Print Label [Techno, Broken Techno, Melodic Drone, Dark Ambient]

Non-Print label head and producer Głós creates something outside of the conforming realm of Techno.


Fem (Album Mix)




Twenty​-​Three Stabs

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