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Głós - Music For Sleepovers [Drone, Dark Ambient]

Glós's second full-length album tells the story of love, loss, sex, alcohol, and the urge to refill the void that someone else left with somebody new.

With six pieces and an overall playtime of over two hours, Glós dives deep into topics such as loss, pursuit, shame and regret, and delivers his most personal work yet.

Slow Music Vol. 5 [Ambient, ChillStep, Electronic, DownTempo]

Slow Music Vol. 4 [Ambient, ChillStep, Electronic, DownTempo]

Whitewildbear (Top Selected) [ChillStep, Atmospheric DubStep, ChillBeat]

За псевдонимом Whitewildbear (WWB) скрывается Артур Никитин - очень одарённый парень из России (Свердловская область)