Solar Fields - Jeezlh [Atmospheric Psybient]

Массивный псай от шведа Магнуса Биргерссона.



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01. Aes Dana ft. Miktek - Small Things Matter
02. 36 - Susurrus
03. Chonotope Project - Solaris
04. David Wright - A Solitary Moment
05. David Arkenstone- The Fog
06. Chonotope Project - The Water of Life
07. Cosmic Replicant - The Fire From Within
08. Astronaut Ape - Thirty Fourth Ritual
09. Synthetic Sunrise - Beautiful Moments
10. E-Mantra - Fiat Lux
11. ForestWölfin - Calm
12. Psyfactor - Early Morning
13. Astropilot - Shots of Awe
14. Mystic Crook - Yellow Carpet Flight
15. Der Waldläufer - The Calling
16. Bvdub - The Joy Of Loneliness



Ofdream - Ninth Gate [ChillStep]


Guy J - Candyland [Progressive Breaks]

Трек наполнен эйфорической красотой, на которую в наше время способен только Guy J и несколько других музыкантов. Атмосферные синты и минималистские перкуссии мелодично наслаиваются, образуя изумительный шедевр в стиле Breaks.



This is a track that is filled with a euphoric beauty that only Guy J and a very limited number of producers can create these days. The keys and melodic wonderment are layered on top of what is essentially a breaks style beat. Think about tracks like Burma by Lostep and you will not be far off, and no I am not exaggerating! This is a superb production.


Energostatic records is a music netlabel that specializes in deep and ambient artifacts, founded by people who demand creativity and aesthetic health.

We show you the boundaries of this world and expose something beyond the orbit of imagination.
We are not anchored to them, we are the flow.
We still continue to explore the multi-dimensional manifold through musical impacts and share this music with you, as it might be useful to retrieve the hidden knowledge.
Reach, resist, research…

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