Shambala Networks - Deep Spiritual Network Connections [Deep Experimental Ambient]

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Музыка, олицетворяющая соединяющую всех существ во вселенной глубокой духовной связью систему - Shambala Networking.

Shambala Networks is one of the ambient projects of Oliver Dombi, who was born in Transylvania, on Christmas evening in 1981. In the first part of the 90s Oliver was mostly influenced by Metal and Hardcore music, later also influenced by Psychedelic Trance and Ambient.

This album, is about the whole Shambala Networking system, connected through all living beings across the universe , and this is a profound deep spiritual connection.

1. Defeat Anxiety
2. Emberi Meltosag S Egy Csomo Penz
3. Invocation (Remember Yourself)
4. Cars
5. Ant Sin (Tru' Friendship)
6. Deep Spiritual Network Connections
7. Lack Of Empathy
8. Beautiful Vacant Planet
9. Freedom By The Third Ear