Protecting the Pandemic from the People

For pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna, the production of injectable drugs (dubbed “vaccines”) has been a veritable gold rush—with one important difference: the resource that is mined is renewable. Unlike a gold vein that can be exhausted, a human vein can be drilled again and again, and the drill is just a needle. What renders human veins renewable, what turns arms into resources, is the constant renewal of fear that makes arms extend in anticipation, plus the evolution of new variants which, if properly controlled and exploited, can be immensely profitable. Big Pharma is ready to cash in on Omicron, with the aid of public fear and government mandates. Fear-mongering about Omicron has been enormously profitable already: “Big pharma executives and shareholders saw their wealth skyrocket in the week after the Omicron variant was discovered, with just eight top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders adding a combined $10.31 billion to their fortunes”. Of course there is always the problem that with a greater number of injections, a greater number of resistant mutations is developing.

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- Sweden and Florida excess mortality proves lockdowns were complete failures
- Lockdowns failed to stop spread or protect the elderly
- Lockdowns pushed 130M people around the world into abject poverty
- 400,000 new deaths from Tuberculosis because of diversion of resources
- Tens of millions more babies dying of malaria because lockdowns effect on supply chains
- Half of the 650,000 Americans who have cancer skipped their chemotherapy during Spring 2020
- About half of heart attack and stroke patients did not call an ambulance because they were afraid to go into a medical facility
- About two thirds to three fourths of cancer screenings were not done
- 85% of living organ transplants were not done
- 300,000 cases of child abuse went unreported in Spring 2020 because school shutdowns
- Severe child abuse emergency room cases went up 35%
- 1 out of 4 American college age kids now have suicidal thoughts
- 300% increase for American teenage incidents of self-harm
- 200% to 300% increase for young people with anxiety and depression
- 52% of American college age kids gained an unwanted 28 pounds in 2020


More content @ Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
More content @ Second Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits

No one is allowed to market a product that is not yet licensed. There is no licensed vaccine available currently. It is all with emergency use authorization.

Yet, if you are against mandates - you are an "anti-vaxxer".

Currently the definition of the term "anti-vaxxer" includes anybody who is opposed to mandated administration of an experimental medical product.

Dr. Robert Malone - a known vaccine scientist who pioneered the mRNA vaccine technology that is used in COVID vaccines today.


More content @ Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits
More content @ Second Interview with Judy Anne Mikovits

During his viral podcast with Joe Rogan after he was banned by Twitter, Malone explained how the global population was being manipulated into remaining in a constant state of hysterical anxiety via mass formation psychosis.

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О прогнозах на ближайшие годы, об эволюции деструктивного типа, о контроле над поведением и потреблением человека, о шансах и возможностях сломать планы глобальных элит.

- Позиция ВОЗ в глобальной иерархии
- «Зелёная» повестка
- Сознательная деградация развития человечества
- Есть ли шанс не уйти в «Тёмные века»
- Можно ли идти против природы человека
- Утопичность закрытой системы
- Можно ли переделать человека
- О важности быть информированным