Manual Music Label [House, Progressive, Electronic, Melodic Techno, Deep]

Manual Music was started in 2005 by Dutch DJ/producer Paul Hazendonk.

Initially it has started as a sublabel of the Basic Beat record company where Paul worked at the time. The label quickly gained international fame with its first couple of releases and had managed to build a solid reputation ever since. When Paul left Basic Beat in 2009 to start his own record company, he adopted the Manual Music brand name.


Francesco Pico - Absolutely Flabbergasted (artist album)


Indifference EP


Stargazer Lily

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Юриспруденция про пандемию, маски, локдауны
Начальник заставляет носить "намордник"?

Начальник заставляет носить "намордник"?

Это видео актуально для тех вынужден ходить в маске во время работы, понимая, весь этот абсурд и не желая травить себя. Как защитить свое право свободно дышать. Запись на индивидуальную консультацию +37367342282 Из которой вы получите: 1. Пакет документов для защиты от принуждения термометрии и ношения маски 2. Инструкции как вести себя при разговоре с полицейским. Что делать если на вас собираются составить протокол и что делать если протокол уже составлен. 3. Как указать работодателю на незаконность принуждения ношения маски на работе и незаконность выполнения обязанностей по принуждению других ношения маски и термометрии 4. Как составить иск или обжаловать протокол в суде.

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COVID-19 Lockdowns: Liberty and Science

Even the cure was not enough for some figures like the lionized-by-liberals Dr. Anthony Fauci — we would continue to be locked down even after a vaccine had been rammed through the approvals process with limited testing. When would we be allowed out by our masters? No one could answer this.

George Floyd, the man who died while being arrested by the Minneapolis Police Department, sparking riots over the summer of 2020, is officially a COVID-19 death because he died with COVID-19, despite not dying of COVID-19.

As Canadian Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a top pathologist, virologist, and CEO of a biotech company manufacturing COVID tests said, “this (COVID-19) is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

People wearing unfitted cloth masks that get occasionally cleaned — maybe. Many people don’t even bother to pull them up over their noses. Thus, most mask wearing is useless and little more than a form of social control or forced act of “solidarity.”

There’s magical thinking involved in the current mask mandates: If cases go up, it’s because people weren’t good little boys and girls and didn’t wear their masks. If they go down, everyone has been well behaved and gets to pat themselves on the back for wearing their face diaper.

Some evidence suggests that masks make people feel magically protected from the virus and thus they do not take common-sense precautions against all disease, such as handwashing, keeping fingers off the face, covering their nose when they sneeze and the like.

What this means at its root is that people are trading effective measures for ineffective theater. Mask reuse likewise increases infection rates and who among us isn’t guilty of that?

What’s more, studies suggest that people who wear the cloth masks, that are now virtually required to do anything outside one’s home, lead to an increase of flu-like symptoms — and thus create lots of COVID paranoia where there ought not to be any.

There is no other term for the COVID regime than a nascent police state. Governors and bureaucrats, without any legislative authority have demanded that people remain in the homes at their personal whim for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate.


Лучшее в Dub Techno, по мнению автора микса.

Дидже́й (англ. DJ от disc jockey — диск-жокей) — человек, осуществляющий публичное воспроизведение записанных на звуковые носители музыкальных произведений.


00:00 Monolake - Ionized
03:00 ID - ID
05:45 ID - ID
07:00 Basic Channel - Quadrant Dub I BASIC CHANNEL
09:45 Yagya - Fyrsti Stormur A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE
12:15 David Alvarado - Blue ULTRA
15:00 D. Diggler - Silverfinger
16:45 ID - ID
19:30 Model 500 - Starlight TRESOR
21:30 Christian Bloch - Moonlite Shadow KONTAKT
23:00 Alter Ego - Mensa (Dub) ALTER EGO
25:00 ID - ID
27:00 Plastikman - PK MINUS
28:30 ID - ID
31:00 Yagya - Þriðji Stormur A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE
34:00 ID - ID
35:45 ID - ID
38:45 ID - ID
40:30 G-Man - Quo Vadis STYRAX LEAVES
43:30 Mood II Swing - Move Me MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS
45:30 ID - ID
47:00 ID - ID
50:00 Minilogue - Urabamba
52:45 Monkey Maffia - Filter Funk
54:30 ID - ID
57:00 ID - ID
59:45 Terrence Dixon - Minimalism THEMA
1:02:30 ID - ID
1:05:00 ID - ID
1:08:00 Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II/II BASIC CHANNEL
1:10:00 Laurent Garnier & Teste - The Wipe (Sam Dynamic)
1:12:45 ID - ID
1:15:00 Visitor - Stop The Music D1
1:18:00 Luomo - Synkro
1:21:30 Be Yokai - Facekissed SPACE HARDWARE

Głós - Music For Sleepovers [Drone, Dark Ambient]

Glós's second full-length album tells the story of love, loss, sex, alcohol, and the urge to refill the void that someone else left with somebody new.

With six pieces and an overall playtime of over two hours, Glós dives deep into topics such as loss, pursuit, shame and regret, and delivers his most personal work yet.

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