Pascal Greggory & Léo Legrand In «Quartier Lointain»
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Monday, 18 June 2012 20:59

Pascal Greggory (As Thomas Verniaz - Adult) & Léo Legrand (As Thomas Verniaz - Adolescent) In «Quartier Lointain»Synopsis

This movie is ideal for a calm and tender evening with a cup of cacao in the hand, on the sofa in a company of close friends. Or maybe alone.

You won't be surprised and astonished by the creativity of the scenario. The movie has a simple plot, but still it's worth seeing, because it's not the fabula that will move you but the relationship and emotions of a man who is stuck in the body of a 14 years old boy.

While watching I felt a lump in the throat several times. I think that this movie will touch those who don't live with their parents right now and especially those who remember difficulties in relationships with his old folks. It was a discovery for me when I remember that we didn't talk that much with my Dad and I know so little about him.

I would say no more. I'm just sure that you will enjoy the pictures from the movie. It's 60ies, and remind me of "Le Petit Nicolas". They are much alike in their colors. But have totally different mood.



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