Узнаваемый вокал австралийской певицы Tina Arena (Filippina Lydia Arena) в проекте The Roc Project (Ray Roc). Отдельным треком выложена самая удачная, по моему мнению, переработка, + релакс версия. Остальное ушло в маленький сэтик ниже, состоящий из наиболее удачных, на мой скромный взгляд, ремиксов.

(Filterheadz Luv Tina Dub) [Progressive Trance]




(Chillout Mix) [Vocal Lounge]




Mixed By Aahz - Classic Tune Showcase! › Never (By The Roc Project Feat. Tina Arena) [Progressive Trance, Balearic Beat]

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01. (Promill Remix) [Balearic Beat] (00:01)
02. (Filterheadz Luv Tina Remix) [Progressive Trance] (03:37)
03. Never 2012 (Cherry Coke & Alex Bootleg) [Balearic Beat] (09:53)
04. (J-Me's Lucky 13 Bootleg) [Balearic Beat] (14:34)
05. (Dj Testo Remix) [Trance] (18:35)
06. (Adam Burn Remix) [Balearic Beat] (24:17)



Butch - Dimensions [Progressive House]

Слегка психоделическая тема, с оттенками техно, звучит стильно.


Dimensions comes with prominent vocal samples, with the recorded observations of a patient undergoing psychedelic drug experimentation, comprising a long beatless intro. When the track does kick in, chiming bells, fizzing FX sounds and a swelling bassline take centre stage, before fading out to a trippy outro with more spoken word accompaniment about drug induced appetite suppression, a somewhat odd if appropriate subject matter. There’s no denying the track is innovative, but it doesn’t quite works either as a floor filler or as a more experimental techno outing.




L.S.G. - Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix) [Progressive Trance]

Боевичок - классика.


This production is nothing short of stunning, with a beautiful bassline, incredible effects and perfectly programmed percussion all demonstrating themselves in the first quarter of the tune. As a small break introduces the filtered synth melody the atmosphere builds and builds, so by the time the kick drops back with the chord changes in the bassline the track is ready to explode.

This is a perfect example of how to make classy dancefloor music, deep and interesting sounds with a gorgeous melody and brilliant FX. Layer upon layer of sound is added to the tune, which gives you more and more on every listen. A stunning piece of music.



Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Paul Thomas & Russell G Rework) [Trance, Progressive]

Знаменитая классика в интересной обработке.


Voted number one out of fifty nominated tracks in the 'Top 20 Dance Tracks of Last 20 Years' users poll by listeners of BBC Radio 1, Cafe Del Mar is almost instantly recognisable by its distinct melody. Named after the famous bar located in Ibiza, this track has charted 3 times in the UK.

Paul Thomas and Russell G deliver a mix fitting to the sound of now with its main melody based on Struggle for Pleasure by Belgian composer Wim Mertens still hugely prominent in the remix this is nothing short of a peak time track!



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01. Funny Tie Project & Taty Aguiar - Electric Glam (Intro)
02. Diego Astaiza - Color Of Happiness - (Tarentella & Redanka Remix)
03. Matias Chilano - I Have Nothing
04. Eelke Kleijn - The Night (Pablo Bolivar Atom Remake)
05. Module - Eggbox
06. Chris Drifter & Ronyo - Disconnected Illusions (Kornel & Francis W Remix)
07. Gaby Dershin feat. Hadley - Rebels of the Sun
08. Ocinirom & K-pax - Nexuz
09. Bejamin Halfmann & George Delkos - Assignable
10. Peter Martin - Secret Door (Derek Howell Rub-a-Dub Club Mix)
11. Dibby Dougherty - Se7en Bells (Lank remix)
12. Coalesce


Roell (1978, Vlaardingenhas, Holland) created his own sound working the crowd with tech house / progressive beats. He delivers quality and knows how to work the crowd.
Massive support on Roell’s releases come from well known dj’s like Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn, Francesco Pico, DJ Remy, Erick E, Harold Heath, Mazi, Marco G, Murray Richardson, Kriece , Nacho Marco, nosmo & Kriss B, Sasha Le monnier, and others."




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