Carlos Fox - Magic Tears (Original Mix) [Progressive Trance] / (Silinder Remix) [Minimal Progressive Trance]

Весьма редкая весчь. Цепляет основная мелодия трека. Silinder Remix так-же достоин внимания. В хэтах слышится шипение, как при звуке с низким битрейтом, и поскольку в официальном сэте присутствует то-же шипение, есть мнение что это задумка музыканта.




(Silinder Remix) [Minimal Progressive Trance]




Carlos Fox was born in Paraguay, had his passion for electronic music waken in the mid 90's. Such passion made him buy two turtables and a mixer and that's how he started to develop an interest in producing his own sounds.

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Christos Fourkis - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix) [Progressive House]

Прогрессив с ближневосточными мотивами, от греческого электронщика.


Christos Fourkis was born on the 12th of January 1981 in Aigio, Greece.

Music has always been a part of his life since childhood. His passion and appreciation for music, lead Christos into the world of Djeing, introducing new and diverse musical innovations to his crowd.

He started Djing in the early period of 1997 performing in local clubs. His Dj appearances have been loved and respected nationally and now internationally by performing on many well-known Internet radio stations.

The year of 1998 Christos Fourkis entered the world of producing electronic music. He purchased his first personal computer and analogue hardware to start composing his own electronic music.

Professionally, Christos has been producing for 4 years and his first productions received a very good response from very well known and established artists. Currently, he has batch of remixes and also looking for other artists to work with and share his passion for music.

Self-taught, Christos Fourkis has always followed his heart towards his goals to create genuine, impassioned music.

Throughout the years of practicing and exploration, he has refined his sound engineering as well as his mastering sound techniques.

His dream and ambition is to express his feelings and make people understand his music when he is on the decks.



Armin Van Buuren Feat. Sharon Den Adel - In & Out Of Love 2011 (Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Remix) [Vocal Trance]



Узнаваемый вокал австралийской певицы Tina Arena (Filippina Lydia Arena) в проекте The Roc Project (Ray Roc). Отдельным треком выложена самая удачная, по моему мнению, переработка, + релакс версия. Остальное ушло в маленький сэтик ниже, состоящий из наиболее удачных, на мой скромный взгляд, ремиксов.

(Filterheadz Luv Tina Dub) [Progressive Trance]




(Chillout Mix) [Vocal Lounge]




Mixed By Aahz - Classic Tune Showcase! › Never (By The Roc Project Feat. Tina Arena) [Progressive Trance, Balearic Beat]

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01. (Promill Remix) [Balearic Beat] (00:01)
02. (Filterheadz Luv Tina Remix) [Progressive Trance] (03:37)
03. Never 2012 (Cherry Coke & Alex Bootleg) [Balearic Beat] (09:53)
04. (J-Me's Lucky 13 Bootleg) [Balearic Beat] (14:34)
05. (Dj Testo Remix) [Trance] (18:35)
06. (Adam Burn Remix) [Balearic Beat] (24:17)



Butch - Dimensions [Progressive House]

Слегка психоделическая тема, с оттенками техно, звучит стильно.


Dimensions comes with prominent vocal samples, with the recorded observations of a patient undergoing psychedelic drug experimentation, comprising a long beatless intro. When the track does kick in, chiming bells, fizzing FX sounds and a swelling bassline take centre stage, before fading out to a trippy outro with more spoken word accompaniment about drug induced appetite suppression, a somewhat odd if appropriate subject matter. There’s no denying the track is innovative, but it doesn’t quite works either as a floor filler or as a more experimental techno outing.



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