Ali Wilson - Pandora (Tech Mix) [Tribal, Progressive]
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Tuesday, 27 June 2017 11:49

Энергичный трайбл в сочетании с великолепными песнопениями коренных народов той самой Пандоры. Сэмплы песнопений использовались раннее, в 2001 году, в композиции A New Way To Say 'Hooray' из альбома Tales Of The Inexpressible от Shpongle

Ali Wilson - Pandora (Tech Mix) [Tribal, Progressive]

Inspired by the movie Avatar, Wilson produces something magical by combining delicious rhythms with gorgeous indigenous chants.year.

Ali Wilson is looking for a new sound and came up with something unique. It contains some nice tribal sounds and chopped vocals (I think), that will make your skin shiver. The bassline is quite strong and creates a nice ring to the whole theme.

When you come up with something different for the scene, you can expect things to go in two directions: people will appreciate your originality or people may reject your sound, because it’s too akward. Well, Ali Wilson took that risk and the result sounds more then godlike.

Ali Wilson’s Pandora is strong enough, and powerful enough to give us a good long reminder that music like this comes around once in a blue moon.


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