Way Out West - Killa (Guy J Remix) [House, Progressive]
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Sunday, 25 September 2016 17:52

Можно не сомневаться в качестве музыки когда Guy J берется за такой шедевр как Killa. Это ремейк, который уважает оригинал, сохраняя все его достоинства, но при этом явно демонстрируя идентичность ремейкера.

Way Out West - Killa (Guy J Remix) [House, Progressive]

Way out west's 'Killa' gets a Guy J treatment!

The original is, ofcourse, one hell of an opener and a beautiful progressive monster. On forehand you know its not going to be as a rough ride as the original, when Guy J remixes a track like Killa.

The track just flows right in from the Guy mantzur track. Less percussion in here than in the previous track, but it surprises you with those gorgeous female humming vocals and the tribal chanting! All the original parts are here. The bassline rolls warm but throbbing, the lovely melody is present in a very subtile way.

This is a remix that respects the original, but still shows the remixers identity.

For me this track plus the intro track are the highlights of the album.


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