Bart Van Wissen - Unforeseen (Madoka's Blindsided Mix) [House, Progressive]
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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 16:37

Потрясающий ремикс которого давно нигде нет, так как его виниловый релиз состоялся еще в 2004 году, поэтому ребята из Mesmeric Records очень гордятся тем что возродили этот шедевр, частью серии Mesmeric Classics (005). Ре-релиз состоялся 11-го апреля 2016.

Bart Van Wissen - Unforeseen (Madoka's Blindsided Mix) [House, Progressive]


'Madoka' retains the main elements of the original, but slips a driving bassline in to the centre of his 'Blindsided Mix', and some of his trademark big room sounds to take the track to the next level. Atmospheric fills help to fill out the groove as the beats drill their way into the depths of the soundscape as it rolls along. The melody line works it's way in slowly but takes hold when you least expect it to. As some sub bass elements vibrate below the cascading waves of sound, watch out for the devastating drop into the break and the finale which will take your head off. Madoka creates sounds for the big room, and this is no exception yet again.



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