Уазы, Нивы, Сузуки, Митсубиши - очень серьезный оффроад и утопление внедорожников.

"Карбоновский" (Carbon Based Lifeforms) шедевр, из альбома Derelicts, в эмоциональном сочетании с потрясными футуристическими визуализациями одаренного британского аниматора.

Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger - Cicharisca: Finding The Path With Heart [Ethnic Ambient]

Masterfully crafted sound-fields, realized from the deepest recesses of Human awareness, shift the listener into a state of dreaming, and breathe life into an incredible world of power and knowledge. Not for the casual listener.

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A well produced album that is easy to listen to. This album is reminder that music can be sophisticated by being uncluttered. By being uncluttered harmonically or melodically, a sense of space is projected that creates a unique sonic experience that is easy to listen to without fatigue. This album will envelop you and your friends in a smooth chilled vibe.



01. A Sky Full of Diamonds
02. Eat Dive Sleep Repeat
03. Tubbataha Decompression Tango
04. #Porndive
05. Blue Corner
06. Tides and Currents
07. El Nido
08. Mandalay
09. Appreciate It
10. Remo's Place
11. Cheesy Sunsets

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