Хочешь - паникуй, но тихо, без паники...

Азамат Кудзаев (более известный под псевдонимом MIYAGI, он же Shau) родился 13 декабря 1990 г. Место его рождения - Владикавказ, а текущий город проживания - Санкт-Петербург.

A video reflection on meaning of life, that combines some stunning experimental scenes from "The Tree Of Life" - an esoteric film which chronicles imagery of the origins of the Universe, with a classic progressive trance piece - the "93 Returning Mix" variation of "Nothing", a masterpiece by James Holden Feat. Julie Thompson.

My vision of best footage from Baraka documentary, combined with a highly meditative sound from Ben Leinbach, named Khumjung (The Spirit Of Yoga album).

A video reflection on life and death, based on astonishing 3D scenes from well know esoteric film - "The Fountain", combined with a rapturous tune by Dave Gahan ("Depeche Mode" vocalist) - "Sow Something"

A simple yet profound video meditation, based on superb 3D journey from Korean animation film - "Sky Blue", combined with a touching Progressive Trance tune by Matt Darey - "Black Canyon", which also features some lovely vocals by Kate Louise, in a "Perception of Sound Remix" variation.