Protecting the Pandemic from the People

Protecting the Pandemic from the People

For pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna, the production of injectable drugs (dubbed “vaccines”) has been a veritable gold rush—with one important difference: the resource that is mined is renewable. Unlike a gold vein that can be exhausted, a human vein can be drilled again and again, and the drill is just a needle. What renders human veins renewable, what turns arms into resources, is the constant renewal of fear that makes arms extend in anticipation, plus the evolution of new variants which, if properly controlled and exploited, can be immensely profitable. Big Pharma is ready to cash in on Omicron, with the aid of public fear and government mandates. Fear-mongering about Omicron has been enormously profitable already: “Big pharma executives and shareholders saw their wealth skyrocket in the week after the Omicron variant was discovered, with just eight top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders adding a combined $10.31 billion to their fortunes”. Of course there is always the problem that with a greater number of injections, a greater number of resistant mutations is developing.

We may think we have been sold “vaccines,” but reality is more complicated and opaque. As others have suggested, it is we who have been sold to the “vaccines,” or specifically their manufacturers. Public funds, public infrastructure, and public-sector workers have been seized by Big Pharma, and taxpayers pay for the damages caused by the injections. Our bodies and the fruits of our labour are transferred to pharmaceutical giants. We have been purchased, acquired, captured. In return, we receive a vaccine-based security which is no security at all. That is a great deal given in return for what by comparison amounts to nothing.

For the pharmaceutical companies—and their partners in government, academia, and the media—the ideal outcome would be permanent injectability. That would mean a life that cannot be allowed to live freely without being artificially sustained through a ceaseless expansion of problems targeted with vaccines, and a ceaseless series of boosters for each product. The result, a sickly and isolated population confined to bubble-like quarters, living in terror of the world outside the window, reality mediated by what is allowed on their screens, is the perfect outcome. Like the humanitarian industry to which pharmaceutical companies are closely allied, the ideal is not just a needy subject, one obsessively focused on preserving bare life, but a permanently needy subject.

Anyone touting the virtues of “natural immunity”—indeed natural immunity itself—must therefore be an existential threat to such a system. Note how the mandates of governments, hospitals, universities, and a range of occupations never once mention even the existence or possibility of natural immunity. Natural immunity is just factored out. This is therefore not “science”; it is anti-science, or the “alternative science” of pharmaceutical corporations, authoritarian regimes, and censorial media. When nature and the natural are so feared, even detested, the only “science” that can arise is a perverse distortion driven by megalomania and fantasies of achieving invulnerability and invincibility.