The Actual Reason Why Google Would Disable One's Account For Invalid Activity

Why Suspending One's AdSense Account For Invalid Activity Is Wrong

Lets be honest here, in majority o cases, the actual reason why google would suspend one's account for invalid activity, is - to avoid payment, especially when big amounts of money are in play.

Obviously Google is technologically advanced enough to implement a clever system, that would automatically detect any invalid clicks, based on various already well known criteria, and automatically mark those clicks as false, thus automatically excluding them from the payment program.

In those fair circumstances, one could him self do infinite invalid clicks, or ask anyone to do so, and yet, at the end, get paid for valid clicks only.

So, as you see, there is no any real reason to disable one's account for invalid clicks activity, unless you want to avoid paying money to that account.

And to demonstrate you why suspending one's AdSense account for invalid activity is wrong by definition, one example is more than enough.

Imagine a scenario in which a totally fair and conscientious AdSense player, has his account disabled by Google, for invalid clicks activity that was actually deliberately generated by his intense competition. In that scenario, can Google's measures be considered fair?

Moreover, is there a method so far, that Google could use to detect invalid clicks activity done by one's competition, especially when that sabotage is being done in a clever way?

The answer is obvious, and the truth is, Google simply does not give a shit about those nuances, as simply suspending one's AdSense account is much easier, and financially convenient.