Left 4 Dead 2 - The Game I Consider A Good Time Waster

The official game trailer, with a soundtrack borrowed by a fan from 28 Days Later... horror film.


Fan-Made Trailer Covering Game Edition 1 & 2


Nice Frag Gameplay


Random Nice Gameplay


Various Gameplay Collection + Music

If you access this resource on a regular base, you may probably noticed a completely new site, and wondering: what is this shit? Well my friend, that means I've finally made up my mind to migrate my blog to the latest platform version.

The new site is clearer, cleaner from dead links and posts, well responsive (mobile friendly), way cooler of course, and hopefully faster.

You may also noticed that, majority of materials previously available, are absent on new site. Those materials are and will always be available on old site, so no worry. Plus, I'll be gradually migrating those publications to the new site.

Completely New Blog

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