• “451 градус по Фаренгейту”: история неснятого фильма Фрэнка Дарабонта

     “451 градус по Фаренгейту”: история неснятого фильма Фрэнка Дарабонта

    Роман-антиутопия “451 градус по Фаренгейту” был написан Рэем Брэдбери в 1951 году (что интересно, автор печатал его на взятой напрокат пишущей машинке в подвале публичной библиотеки) и впервые опубликован в 1953 году.

  • Почему Гитлеру Было Не Сложно Истреблять Евреев В Концлагерях

    Из художественного фильма Расплата, о поимке известного нацистского преступника. Короткий диалог между скрывающимся нацистом и агентом «Моссада».

  • ...Живу Я На Ривьере («Хищники»)

    C - сарказм.

  • «Америка это не страна, Америка это бизнес.»

    "Killing Them Softly" - грамотное кино о том что такое Америка, в понимании Голливуда.

    Жанр криминал, однако на протяжении фильма умело отображены политические противоречия американцев времён Обамы.

    Brad Pitt сыграл хорошо.

    Ключевая фраза фильма: "Америка это не страна, Америка это бизнес."

  • «Вы Где-нибудь Есть?»

    - Вы где-нибудь есть?
    - В одноклассниках что-ли?
    - Ну-у, зачем так сразу, вконтакте, в фэйсбуке...

    Страна ОЗ (2015)

  • «Утомлённые шлюхами»

    Как один человек своими роликами уделывает армию российских кинобездарей.


    Видеообзор: На Париж (#СпасибоДедуЗаШалаву)

  • Adrien Brody In «Detachment»

    Adrien Brody In «Detachment»

    Director Tony Kaye’s (AMERICAN HISTORY X) long-awaited film DETACHMENT stars Academy Award® winner Adrien Brody as Henry Barthes, a substitute teacher who conveniently avoids any emotional connections by never staying anywhere long enough to form a bond with either his students or colleagues. A lost soul grappling with a troubled past, Henry finds himself at a public school where an apathetic student body has created a frustrated, burned-out administration. Inadvertently becoming a role model to his students, while also bonding with a runaway teen who is just as lost as he is, Henry finds that he’s not alone in a life and death struggle to find beauty in a seemingly vicious and loveless world. Kaye has molded a contemporary vision of people who become increasingly distant from others while still feeling the need to connect. DETACHMENT features a stellar ensemble cast, including Academy Award® winner Marcia Gay Harden, Christina Hendricks, William Petersen, Bryan Cranston, Tim Blake Nelson, Lucy Liu, Blythe Danner, James Caan, and newcomers Sami Gayle and Betty Kaye.





  • Ali Wilson - Pandora (Tech Mix) [Tribal, Progressive]

    Ali Wilson - Pandora (Tech Mix) [Tribal, Progressive]

    Энергичный трайбл в сочетании с песнопениями коренных народов аватарской Пандоры. Сэмплы песнопений использовались раннее, в 2001 году, в композиции A New Way To Say 'Hooray', из альбома Tales Of The Inexpressible от Shpongle.



  • Ben Kingsley In «Gandhi»

    Ben Kingsley In «Gandhi»

    The screenplay of Gandhi is available as a published book. The film opens with a statement from the filmmakers explaining their approach to the problem of filming Gandhi's complex life story:
    “No man's life can be encompassed in one telling. There is no way to give each year its allotted weight, to include each event, each person who helped to shape a lifetime. What can be done is to be faithful in spirit to the record and to try to find one's way to the heart of the man...”

    The film begins with Gandhi's assassination on 30 January 1948, and his funeral. After an evening prayer, an elderly Gandhi is helped out for his evening walk to meet a large number of greeters and admirers. One of these visitors - Nathuram Godse - shoots him point blank in the chest. Gandhi exclaims, "Oh, God!" ("Hē Ram!" historically), and then falls dead. The film then cuts to a huge procession at his funeral, which is attended by dignitaries from around the world.

  • Billy Bob Thornton & Halle Berry In «Monster's Ball»

    Billy Bob Thornton & Halle Berry In «Monster's Ball»

    Hank Grotowski (Billy Bob Thornton), a widower, and his son, Sonny (Heath Ledger), are corrections officers in the local prison. They reside in Louisiana with Hank's ailing father, Buck (Peter Boyle), an unwavering racist whose wife committed suicide. Hank's hateful attitude toward others, strongly influenced by his father, extends to his son, and members of the neighboring community.

    As Hank and Sonny assist in the execution of convicted murderer Lawrence Musgrove (Sean Combs), the proceedings prove too intense for Sonny, who collapses and then begins to vomit as he is leading Lawrence to the electric chair. Hank beats up Sonny in the jail's bathroom afterwards for being so "soft". Some time later, Hank drags Sonny out of bed and tells him to get out of the house. Unable to cope with the estrangement, Sonny grabs a gun. The confrontation ends in their living room with Hank at gunpoint, lying on the carpet, and Sonny in Buck's customary chair. Sonny asks his father, "You hate me, don't you?" After his father calmly confirms that he does and always has, Sonny responds, "Well, I always loved you," and then shoots himself in the heart. Hank subsequently buries Sonny in the back garden, quits his job at the prison, burns his uniform in the backyard, and locks the door of Sonny's room up tightly. Buck calls him a quitter.

  • Brad Pitt In «The Tree Of Life»

    Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In «Guzaarish»

    The film opens with a quote from the Book of Job.

    Afterwards, a mysterious, wavering light that resembles a flame flickers in the darkness. Mrs. O'Brien (Jessica Chastain) recalls a lesson taught to her that people must choose to either follow the path of grace or the path of nature. In the early 1970s, she receives a telegram informing her of the death of her son, R.L., at age nineteen. Mr. O'Brien (Brad Pitt) is notified by telephone while at an airport. The family is thrown into turmoil.

    In the 2000s, eldest son Jack O'Brien (Sean Penn) is adrift in his modern life as an architect. One day he has an argument with his father regarding R.L.'s death. Later, after Jack sees a tree being planted in front of a building, he begins to reminisce about his life as a young teenager during the 1960s.

    The universe is formed, including the Milky Way galaxy and the Solar System. Voices ask various existential questions. On the newly formed Earth, volcanoes erupt and microbes begin to form. Early sea life is shown, then plants on land, then dinosaurs. From the vantage point of space, an asteroid is seen impacting the Earth. (For these sequences, the music is "Lacrimosa," a movement from Zbigniew Preisner's Requiem for My Friend [1988].)

  • Bruno Coulais - Song of the Sea (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Top Selected) [Atmospheric Irish, Instrumental Ambient]

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    Чарующий инструментальный эмбиент, пропитанный ирландским этническим фольклором. Один из тех несправедливо забытых шедевров мультипликации, из замечательных, но малоизвестных мультфильмов. Музыку писал композитор Брюно Куле вмесие с ирландским фолк-коллективом Kíla. Несколько песен исполняют певицы Лиза Ханнеган, Нольвенн Леруа, Люси О'Коннелл.

    02. Bruno Coulais - The Mother's Portrait
    03. Bruno Coulais - The Sea Scene
    05. Bruno Coulais - The Key In The Sea
    06. Kila - The Derry Tune
    08. Bruno Coulais - Dance With The Fish
    12. Lisa Hannigan - Head Credits
    15. Bruno Coulais - Sadness
    19. Bruno Coulais - The Storm
    20. Kila - Katy's Tune
    21. Lisa Hannigan - In The Bus
    23. Lisa Hannigan - Amhrán Na Farraige

    Omitted Tracks:
    01. Lisa Hannigan - Song Of The Sea
    04. Lisa Hannigan - The Song
    07. Bruno Coulais - In The Streets
    09. Bruno Coulais - The Seals
    10. Lisa Hannigan - Something Is Wrong
    11. Bruno Coulais - Run
    13. Bruno Coulais - Get Away
    14. Bruno Coulais - Help
    16. Slim Pezin - Molly
    17. Bruno Coulais - I Hate You
    18. Bruno Coulais - Who Are You
    22. Lisa Hannigan - The Thread
    24. Nolwenn Leroy - Song Of The Sea (Lullaby) (From Song Of The Sea)
    25. Nolwenn Leroy - La chanson de la mer (berceuse) (Extrait du film Le chant de la mer)

  • Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman In «The Railway Man»

    Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman In «The Railway Man»

    The Railway Man is a 2013 British – Australian made war film directed by Jonathan Teplitzky. It is an adaptation of the bestselling autobiography of the same name by Eric Lomax, and stars Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, Hiroyuki Sanada and Jeremy Irvine. It premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on 6 September 2013.

    During World War II, Eric Lomax (Irvine) is a British officer who is captured by the Japanese in Singapore and sent to a Thai POW camp, where he is forced to work on the Thai-Burma Railway north of the Malay Peninsula. During his time in the camp, Lomax is tortured by the Kempetai for building a radio from spare parts. Years later and still suffering the psychological trauma of his wartime experiences, with the help of his wife Patti (Kidman) and best friend Finlay (Skarsgård), Lomax (Firth) decides to find and confront one of his captors who had escaped prosecution as a war criminal. He returns to the scene of his torture after he has tracked down Japanese officer Takashi Nagase (Sanada) in an attempt to let go of a lifetime of bitterness and hate".






    Русский Трейлер

  • Coub Weekly

  • Coub Weekly Vol. 2

  • Coub Weekly Vol. 3

  • Gerard Butler In «Machine Gun Preacher»

    Gerard Butler In «Machine Gun Preacher»

    The film is an adaptation of Childers' memoir Another Man's War. Although the film centers on Childers, it starts off with a scene in South Sudan, where the LRA are attacking a village. This opening scene is placed into context later in the film. Childers was an alcoholic drug-using biker from Pennsylvania. On his release from prison, he finds that his wife has given up her job as a stripper, because she has since become a Christian. Eventually, after almost killing a vagrant the night before, his wife persuades him to go to church with her where he is eventually converted.

    Later, on a missionary trip to Uganda to build homes for refugees, he asks one of the SPLA soldiers watching over them to take him on a trip to the north, to Sudan. The soldier warns him that it is a war zone, but upon Sam's insistence they go. They arrive at a medical tent in Sudan, as his friend moves off to talk came in to some people, Sam is roped in by a redheaded female doctor to help lift a lipless Sudanese woman onto the examination table. That night as they lay on their beds at the relief station, they hear noises outside, when they look out Sam and the soldier see large numbers of Sudanese children swarming in to sleep outside the building. The soldier explains that their parents send them to sleep over there because it is safer than staying in their own village. Sam wakes up the children and gets them to sleep in their room for the night. The next day they follow the children back to their village only to find that the LRA burnt it down and killed their parents. Then one of the children runs after his dog and dies upon stepping on a hidden landmine. Sam then decides to build an orphanage for the children of South Sudan. After the orphanage is built, the LRA attack it under cover of night and burn it to the ground. Sam then phones home, telling his wife what happened and that he is giving up. She reminds him that the orphans have been through worse but they have not given up, and that he should not give up and tells him to rebuild the orphanage.

  • Graeme Revell - I'm Alone On This (The Insider: Music From The Motion Picture) [Ambient Instrumental]

    Graeme Revell - I'm Alone On This (The Insider: Music From The Motion Picture) [Ambient Instrumental]

    Из саундтрека для фильма "Свой Человек" (The Insider) (1999) (Аль Пачино, Рассел Кроу).

     "Свой Человек" - поучительный фильм Майкла Манна, снятый в привычных для тандема Манн-Спинотти холодных приглушенных тонах.
    Несмотря на то, что фильм весьма увлекателен и заставляет задуматься, его постиг коммерческий провал, – при бюджете 90 миллионов в кинопрокате лента собрала чуть больше 65 миллионов (не всем курильщикам нравится анти-табачная пропаганда). Тем не менее, нынче на IMDb у "Инсайдера" рейтинг 8.00, – то есть, наряду со "Схваткой", это один из наиболее любимых зрителями фильмов Манна.




  • Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Sea Wall (Blade Runner 2049: Music From The Motion Picture) [Dark Instrumental, Dark Ambient, Epic]

    Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Sea Wall (Blade Runner 2049: Music From The Motion Picture) [Dark Instrumental, Dark Ambient, Epic]

    Sea Wall is the big behemoth and the greatest highlight of the album score. It’s an almost 10-minutes long piece, with pulsating basses and brutal groans and sirens that convey the needed sense of action.

    It is loud, but it is also very beautiful. Every second of this track just screams: Blade Runner.




  • Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In «Guzaarish»

    Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In «Guzaarish»

    The story is set in Goa. Ethan Mascarenhas (Hrithik Roshan) is a former magician who is paralyzed from neck down quadriplegic. He is currently a Radio Jockey. Sofia D'Souza (Aishwarya Rai), is his nurse for the past twelve years. On the fourteenth anniversary of his accident, Ethan decides to file an appeal to the court for euthanasia (mercy killing) with the help of his best friend and lawyer Devyani Dutta (Shernaz Patel). Ethan's mother Isabel Mascarenhas (Nafisa Ali) also supports him in his petition, backing her son's demand. A young man named Omar Siddiqui (Aditya Roy Kapoor) enters Ethan's life to learn magic from him.

    Judge Rajhansmoni (Vijay Crishna) dismisses the case immediately when the case is presented in the court. Devyani asks Ethan to garner public support through a vote on the issue through his radio programme, which Ethan christens "Project Eathanasia." . The issue comes into the limelight through news features in the television and other media. An appeal is once again submitted to the court. In between Ethan's mother passes away and Sofia is dragged away by her alcoholic husband, Neville D'Souza (Makarand Deshpande) against whom she had filed a divorce case.