James Murray - Floods [Acoustic Drone Ambient]

James Murray - Floods [Acoustic Drone Ambient]

Есть музыка, слушая которую понимаешь, что очень не хочешь чтобы она заканчивалась.

On the flood plain where I grew up, twin rivers rose each winter fed by rainfall from nearby Welsh mountains. Breaking their banks they swept over pastures and hedgerows, tore at the fabric of the land and isolated remote villages. It was here, in a makeshift studio on high ground, that I began to explore sound using scavenged instruments and homemade electronics.

Floods returns to that landscape; an acknowledgment and celebration of the destructive and regenerative power of the waters. It is also an attempt to reconcile with my personal floods, those mental waters that rise to submerge the will, that can at times be opposed and must at others be allowed to overwhelm.

Released February 1, 2012
Written, produced and performed by James Murray at Slowcraft Studio. Dedicated to the Waters.

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Electro-acoustic Soundscapes

Sparingly developed melodic motifs slowly amass within ambient spaces: simple repeating refrains reverberating in rhythmic regularity; lustrous synthetic textures coruscating in beds of structured noise; subtle pulses amongst layered loops and sonic disturbances. It's often hard to say what sources are used to produce the closely interwoven sounds of Floods: there are hints of subtle guitar fingering with the more distinct sounds of fingers sliding across wound strings; there are zones of hiss and sleeting grains of crackle; chimes and bell-like tones tinkle in hypnotic cycles; bass lines lurk somewhere between struck notes and dull drones; very distant piano touches or muted keyboard phrases arise out of rippling arpeggios and fog banks.

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Some of the most well crafted and beautiful electro acoustic ambient drone around!

Ryan Keane