gototopgototop Moved Completely From Flash Player To New HTML5 Player
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Monday, 02 November 2015 18:40

And ruined thousands of music sites on the way (including my, as i have many songs embedded, that rely on old player).

A perfect example of how new technologies bring harm rather than benefit.

So i wrote them, and I'll see what blah-blah will they reply with:

I have read the other thread, and i am aware of the fact you have simply removed the flash player, so everyone (like they or not) bumps into the new HTML5 player.

Flash is obsolete and not supported, i can understand that, but did you guys have a second thought about the consequences of simply removing the old player. Do you remember that thousands of sites, with thousands of songs embedded, rely on the old player?

Now, all those labels and music blog sites see is the useless applet saying: "Please visit to listen to this content". OK, let's assume i will visit, but how am i supposed to find exactly that tune in the gigantic amount of songs on SoundCloud, not to mention those with similar titles? Why didn't you bother to at least make a link that leads to the song in question on SoundCloud site possible?

Do you have any intentions to do something about this serious issue?

Thanks for understanding.

Here's the link in case you wish to put your 2 cents in Smile

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