• Monk On Acid - A Trip To Pluto #194 - Liquid Nebula

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    01. Aes Dana ft. Miktek - Small Things Matter
    02. 36 - Susurrus
    03. Chonotope Project - Solaris
    04. David Wright - A Solitary Moment
    05. David Arkenstone- The Fog
    06. Chonotope Project - The Water of Life
    07. Cosmic Replicant - The Fire From Within
    08. Astronaut Ape - Thirty Fourth Ritual
    09. Synthetic Sunrise - Beautiful Moments
    10. E-Mantra - Fiat Lux
    11. ForestWölfin - Calm
    12. Psyfactor - Early Morning
    13. Astropilot - Shots of Awe
    14. Mystic Crook - Yellow Carpet Flight
    15. Der Waldläufer - The Calling
    16. Bvdub - The Joy Of Loneliness



  • Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (Above & Beyond's San Francisco Mix) & "Journey To The Edge Of The Universe"

    Credit: Journey To The Edge Of The Universe (2008) © National Geographic Channel

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  • Brad Pitt In «The Tree Of Life»

    Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In «Guzaarish»

    The film opens with a quote from the Book of Job.

    Afterwards, a mysterious, wavering light that resembles a flame flickers in the darkness. Mrs. O'Brien (Jessica Chastain) recalls a lesson taught to her that people must choose to either follow the path of grace or the path of nature. In the early 1970s, she receives a telegram informing her of the death of her son, R.L., at age nineteen. Mr. O'Brien (Brad Pitt) is notified by telephone while at an airport. The family is thrown into turmoil.

    In the 2000s, eldest son Jack O'Brien (Sean Penn) is adrift in his modern life as an architect. One day he has an argument with his father regarding R.L.'s death. Later, after Jack sees a tree being planted in front of a building, he begins to reminisce about his life as a young teenager during the 1960s.

    The universe is formed, including the Milky Way galaxy and the Solar System. Voices ask various existential questions. On the newly formed Earth, volcanoes erupt and microbes begin to form. Early sea life is shown, then plants on land, then dinosaurs. From the vantage point of space, an asteroid is seen impacting the Earth. (For these sequences, the music is "Lacrimosa," a movement from Zbigniew Preisner's Requiem for My Friend [1988].)

  • Darren Tate Vs. Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In! & "Journey To The Edge Of The Universe"



    Every day
    You're every face that I can see
    Every thing I wanna be

    Every night
    I feel you looking down on me
    Watching over me

    You touch me I feel you
    Your presence surrounds me
    I float away

    You hold me I'm with you
    Wherever you'll find me
    I'm here to stay

    You are my guide
    You are my light
    You take me to a place
    Where I can shine

    Where I can shine...

  • Hugh Jackman In «The Fountain»

    Hugh Jackman In «The Fountain»

    At its core, The Fountain is the story of a 21st century man, Tom, (Hugh Jackman), losing his wife Izzi (Rachel Weisz) to cancer in 2005. As she is dying, Izzi begs Tommy to share what time they have left together, but he is focused on his quest to find a cure for her.

    While he's working in the lab, she writes a story about 16th century Queen Isabella losing her territory to the Inquisition while her betrothed, conquistador Tomás, plunges through the Central America forest in Mayan territory, searching for the Tree of Life for his Queen.

    Since she doesn't have time herself, Izzi asks Tommy to finish the story for her. As they look out to the stars, she imagines that their souls will meet there when the star dies. And we see astronaut Tom, in 2500, traveling there for the event, in a spaceship made of an enclosed biosphere containing the Tree of Life.

    The three story lines are told nonlinearly, each separated by five centuries. The three periods are interwoven with match cuts and recurring visual motifs; Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz play the main characters for all three narratives. Even within a given narrative, the elements of that particular story are not told in chronological order.

  • INDRA [Electronic, Space Ambient]

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    Его музыка - проявление сознания. Осмелюсь назвать этого, на удивление малоизвестного ветерана электронной музыки - румынским Клаусом Шульцом. И вполне обоснованно, ведь INDRA, настоящее имя Дан Бозару (Dan Bozaru), c ранних лет своего творческого пути являлся сторонником ранней берлинской школы электронной музыки, ещё с 80-х вдохновляясь звучанием легендарных мастеров вроде Klaus Schulze, Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre.

    Слушая его ранние альбомы, начинаешь думать что это Клаус Шульц, однако в более поздних своих работах, музыкант пошел по своему пути, определяя свои уникальные вибрации и направление.

    Если попытаться дать какое-то определение музыкальному стилю ИНДРЫ, можно его воспринимать как симбиоз старой берлинской школы электроники с эмбиентом, и элементами new age.

    Музыку ИНДРЫ рекоммендуется слушать, позволив уму быть в атмосфере её звучания.

    01. Turning Away (1993) (Remastered 2010) - 04. The Sacred Hall (Bonus Track)
    02. Parallel Time (1993) (Remastered 2010) - 03. The Twins (Bonus Track 2007)
    03. Cosmic Sound (1994) - 01. Nova New
    04. Cosmic Sound (1994) - 02. Veda
    05. Cosmic Sound (1994) - 03. Alcyone (Bonus Track)
    06. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 02. Action
    07. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 03. Temple
    08. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 04. Devi
    09. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 05. Plenitude
    10. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 06. On The Beach (Bonus Track 2009)
    11. Colosseum (1994) - 03. Passion Around
    12. Maharaj (2006) (Re-Release) - 05. Coming In The City
    13. Echo In Time (1998) - 05. Holy Mountain
    14. Ocean Of Silence (1999) - 01. Choralia
    15. Ultimate Nexus (2001) - 06. Beyond Classic
    16. Ultimate Nexus (2001) - 07. Ultimate Nexus
    17. Signs (2005) - 01. Atlas On Stage
    18. Signs (2005) - 08. The Monk
    19. Signs (2005) - 09. Next Future
    20. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 1 (2005) - 03. In Search For A New Land
    21. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 1 (2005) - 05. Magic Circle
    22. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 2 (2005) - 01. Enigmatic Rumours
    23. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 2 (2005) - 03. Bindu
    24. The Challenge (2006) - 01. Rudyan
    25. The Challenge (2006) - 06. The End Of The Childhood
    26. The Challenge (2006) - 07. Serenade In Due
    27. The Challenge (2006) - 08. Fantasia
    28. The Challenge (2006) - 09. The Soldier's Requiem
    29. Interactive Play - The Essential CD 2 (1995) - 06. The Holy Dance (From The Album Magic Collection)
    30. Live In The Saltmine (2007) - 02. The Moog Prophecy
    31. Live In The Saltmine (2007) - 03. Mythical Forest
    32. The Pyramid Concert - Live In Denmark (2008) - 03. Reclusion
    33. The Pyramid Concert - Live In Denmark (2008) - 05. The Dreamer
    34. Tantric Celebration 1 - Kali (2006) - 01. True Heart
    35. Tantric Celebration 1 - Kali (2006) - 02. Initiation
    36. Tantric Celebration 1 - Kali (2006) - 03. Ritual Night Dancer
    37. Tantric Celebration 2 - Tara (2007) - 02. The Long Journey
    38. Tantric Celebration 2 - Tara (2007) - 03. Anthology
    39. Tantric Celebration 3 - Tripura Sundari (2007) - Elixir
    40. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 01. One Billion Light Years
    41. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 02. Tiamat
    42. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 03. Alchemy Of Life
    43. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 04. Profundis
    44. Tantric Celebration 5 - Tripura Bhairavi (2009) - 01. Lalette
    45. Tantric Celebration 5 - Tripura Bhairavi (2009) - 02. The Steady Man
    46. Tantric Celebration 5 -

  • James Holden Feat. Julie Thompson - Nothing & «The Tree Of Life» (Progressive Trance)

    A video reflection on meaning of life, that combines some stunning experimental scenes from "The Tree Of Life" - an esoteric film which chronicles imagery of the origins of the Universe, with a classic progressive trance piece - the "93 Returning Mix" variation of "Nothing", a masterpiece by James Holden Feat. Julie Thompson.

  • Loss Aversion by Carbon Based Lifeforms & Visuals by VISUALDON

    "Карбоновский" (Carbon Based Lifeforms) шедевр, из альбома Derelicts, в эмоциональном сочетании с потрясными футуристическими визуализациями одаренного британского аниматора.

  • Loss Aversion by Carbon Based Lifeforms & Visuals by VISUALDON

  • Monk On Acid - A Trip To Pluto #172 - Contact [Psybient, Ambient]

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    01.Ishq - Moonlight Sea
    02.Phrozenlight - Floating Between Angels
    03.C418 - Minecraft
    04.OM aka Ovnimoon - Lost look
    05.Fanger & Kersten - Alien Waters
    06.Trickform - Between Myself
    07.Speck - Sleep Alone
    08.Thomas Fanger - Twinkling Sun
    09.Gus Till - River of Air
    10.Spiral System - Elephant
    11.Jairamji - Stabilizing In Chaos
    12.Antendex - Asteron
    13.Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Textures2 IV
    14.Connect.Ohm - Fossil
    15.Aspectee - Leanon
    16.Horschwelle - Me and My Headphone
    17.Bvdub - Had to be there



  • Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy

    This is a picture of a small corner of the Andromeda galaxy. It's a cool picture, but once you zoom in, it's a bit overwhelming, each star you see is a sun, and each sun probably has their own planets and their own solar system like we do. It's one thing to say a large number like 100 million, but to actually see a picture of 100 millions suns is kind of mind-blowing.

    © youtu.be/6zHhDduJcFk?t=62

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  • Star Size Comparison

  • Voyage of Time: Life's Journey by Terrence Malick & Equilibrium by Carbon Based Lifeforms

    A deliberate selection of meditative scapes from Terrence Malick's documentary, which examines the origins of the universe, combined with the dreamy chords and profound modulations from Equilibrium by Carbon Based Lifeforms.




  • Voyage of Time: Life's Journey by Terrence Malick & Equilibrium by Carbon Based Lifeforms

    Voyage of Time: Life's Journey by Terrence Malick & Equilibrium by Carbon Based Lifeforms




  • Синопсис документальному фильму: "Орбита: Необыкновенное Путешествие Планеты Земля"

    Синопсис документальному фильму: "Орбита: Необыкновенное Путешествие Планеты Земля"

    Мы мчимся вокруг Солнца со скоростью около 100 тыс. км./ч. и пролетим за этот год примерно 900 млн. км., вернувшись ровно туда, откуда начали.

    Три параметра: орбита нашей планеты, её вращение вокруг оси и наклон этой оси сформировали и продолжают формировать облик нашей планеты, каждую минуту, каждого дня, каждого года.

    С момента своего рождения наша земля преодолела этот маршрут уже свыше четырёх миллиардов раз и все мимо чего пролетает земля путешествуя вокруг солнца является нашей окружающей средой в ее самом экстремальном виде, это опасный путь где солнечное излучение и смертельный холод сопровождают атаки комет и астероидов, но несмотря на эти опасности орбита земли расположена в абсолютно правильном месте, правильном для жизни.

    Синопсис документальному фильму: "Орбита: Необыкновенное Путешествие Планеты Земля"