• Ali Wilson - Pandora (Tech Mix) [Tribal, Progressive]

    Ali Wilson - Pandora (Tech Mix) [Tribal, Progressive]

    Энергичный трайбл в сочетании с песнопениями коренных народов аватарской Пандоры. Сэмплы песнопений использовались раннее, в 2001 году, в композиции A New Way To Say 'Hooray', из альбома Tales Of The Inexpressible от Shpongle.



  • Altitudes - Altitude II [PsyChill]

    Altitudes - Altitude II [PsyChill]

    A Co-up between Gabriel Masurel aka Blue Planet Coropration, Johannes Regnier aka Silicon Sound & Yannis Kamarinos aka Jaïa. The track floats by smoothly and hypnotizing. Based around a rather simple theme and some chilled beats it constantly keeps surprising with small variations, adding layers of sound and atmosphere. Solid craftsmanship and a nice opener!


    A classical chill out track, very floating, with a great introduction, and some subtle rhythmics. This and the cosmic atmosphere will surely please many listeners.

    A very nice track that would fit perfectly as an intro to a melodic full-on set. This piece is generally a happy tune with a slight pinch of depression at times. The melodies are simple, yet overwhelming.

    A track filled with rumbling skittering noises followed by a surrounding atmosphere that will cover your chakra with warmth and bliss. You are leaded by a exiting sample about destiny while a beautiful synth captures your attention, and the beat slowly but lovely kicks in.

    It’s beautiful, harmonic and peaceful. Like floating in space while watching your face disappear. Altitude is still trippy and floating.

    You will get a pleasant guitar sample at the ending of this spacey chill track. A beautiful introduction to an album.

    The tune is sweet, dreamy & floating, it's a journey riding on a white cloud around the world, through the birthing icy crystals out there in the sky.




  • Alucidnation - 15 Below [Deep Ambient]

    Alucidnation - 15 Below [Deep Ambient]



  • Alucidnation - Get Lost [Deep Electronic Lounge]

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    Лаконичный альбом, с ненавязчивым вокалом. Музыка "другого" ума, очень личная - но полностью доступная, меланхоличная, беззаботная и радостная, музыка в которую можно погрузиться и потеряться.

    01. Meantime (8:27)
    02. The Message (6:11)
    03. Solitaire (6:21)
    04. Rediscovery (4:32)
    05. Dubhead (2:40)
    06. 15 Below (3:10)
    07. The Infinite Variety (5:25)
    08. Pedal Steal (4:58)
    09. Anywhere (8:27)
    10. Skygazer (7:28)



  • Alucidnation - Solitaire [Atmospheric Ambient]



  • Alucidnation - Sound to Sleep To [Soundscape, Deep Ambient]

    A selection from my purely ambient canon of work containing little or no percussion, featuring tracks that I penned dating from 1992 through to 2002 or thereabouts.

    These pieces can be used to calm frayed nerves or just relax with - alternatively they can be used as background audio just before succumbing to sleep... from my own point of view, I find this album a great antidote for dealing with traffic congestion in central London whilst behind the wheel.

    In 2006, Classic FM broadcast an alucidnation special and the majority of these tracks formed the backbone of the programme.

    Most of these tracks evolve over long periods.

    All noises by Bruce Bickerton.

  • Amethystium - Treasure [New Age]



  • Amon Tobin - A1 Mutate [Techno]

    Amon Tobin - A1 Mutate [Techno]


  • Andain - Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Intro Mix) [Vocal Trance]

    Andain - Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Intro Mix) [Vocal Trance]



  • Andain - Turn Up The Sound (Xtigma Remix) [Vocal Trance]

    Andain - Turn Up The Sound (Xtigma Remix) [Vocal Trance]



  • Andy Moor - Halcyon (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [Classic Trance]

    Andy Moor - Halcyon (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [Classic Trance]



  • Angga - Whispers (Original Mix) [Progressive Trance]

    Angga - Whispers (Original Mix) [Progressive Trance]

    Mistique Music - лэйбл основанный в 2008 году проектами Michael & Levan и Stiven Rivic, главной целью которого является открывать миру новые таланты, популяризировать прогрессивную культуру, а так-же продвигать перспективные проекты, всегда радовал прекрасными работами, и данное произведение от индонезийца Angga Saputra, резидента лэйбла, не является исключением.

    Angga - достойный представитель техно и прогрессив-хаус сцены. Его первые релизы состоялись в 2012 году. Его музыка удостаивается поддержкой от таких артистов, как John Digweed, Nicole Moudaber, Hernan Cattaneo, Marco Carola, Guy J, и других.



  • Anthony Boast - Braga Raga (Acoustic Dreams) [Acoustic Ambient, Instrumental]

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    Каждая композиция альбома - это целая вселенная звука. Полет фантазии бельгийского композитора Энтони Боаста создает ощущение воздушности и недосказанности, вызывая желание прослушать диск не один раз.

    Неповторимая атмосфера создана при полном отсутствии электронных составляющих и цифровой обработки.

    Braga Raga - волшебное, завораживающее путешествие в мир акустической музыки.

    1. Grateful (Mandolin Solo)
    2. Nearly Mumbai (Mandolin / Cumbus / Tabla)
    3. Kuantan (Braga Harp Guitar / Water Gong / Viola Braguesa / Kanjira)
    4. Lament (Mandolin / Esraj / Tuned Hand Drums)
    5. Chit-Chat (Tabla / Hand Drums)
    6. Breathless (Viola Braguesa / Tabla / Udu Pots / Bells)
    7. Modave (Classical Guitar)



  • Apparat Feat. Thom Yorke - Arcadia [Electronic]

    Dezarate & Michel Manzano - Soul Is In The Air (Original Mix) [Progressive House]



  • Armin Van Buuren Feat. Sharon Den Adel - In & Out Of Love 2011 (Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Remix) [Vocal Trance]

    Armin Van Buuren Feat. Sharon Den Adel - In & Out Of Love 2011 (Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Remix) [Vocal Trance]



  • Armin Van Buuren Feat. Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (The Blizzard Remix) [Vocal Trance]

    Armin Van Buuren Feat. Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (The Blizzard Remix) [Vocal Trance]



  • Astral Projection - Ambient Galaxy (Disco Valley Mix) [Psy Breaks] (1997's Classic!)

    Astral Projection - Ambient Galaxy (Disco Valley Mix) [Psy Breaks] (1997's Classic!)



  • Astral Projection - The Nexus [Goa Trance] (2002's Classic!)

    Astral Projection - The Nexus [Goa Trance] (2002's Classic!)

    Из альбома "Amen" (2002).



  • Astropilot - Wingzzz (Shamanium: The Unreleased Files 2004 - 2006) [Dark Experimental Ambient]

    A collection of lost and found tracks by AstroPilot. Only a few audio-cds of these tracks were burned to promote him at the time.

    These stories and its music were written before the album “Fruits of The Imagination", and were originally planned to be AstroPilot’s debut album, but they were lost and forgotten...until now.

    How was AstroPilot's music when he started out? The answer lies in these shamanic, oriental ambient tunes...

    “Shamanium” was inspired by his trips to the Altai Mountains, in Siberia. The album is a reflection about the culture, sights and sounds of this magical place.

    All my thanks to Diogo C. Borges (aka Becoming. Intense) for through his amazing mastering skills, he gave a second breath to the tracks, thus brought them back to life.

    Released May 18, 2010

    Artwork by Dj Zen @ Digitalys Studios

    Mastering by Diogo C. Borges


  • Asura - Virgin Delight [Psy Ambient]

    Asura - Virgin Delight [Psy Ambient]