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  • Darcy Oake's Jaw-Dropping Dove Illusions

    Got speechless by these peaceful and beautiful illusions.

  • David Blaine Beyond Magic 2016

    Всё ещё не знаю - как?


    Дэвид Блейн. Реальность Или Магия Часть 1


    Дэвид Блейн. Реальность Или Магия Часть 2

  • Huge Yellow Python Snake As Home Pet

  • Ordinary Street Illusionist Does An Incredible Water Trick

  • Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy

    This is a picture of a small corner of the Andromeda galaxy. It's a cool picture, but once you zoom in, it's a bit overwhelming, each star you see is a sun, and each sun probably has their own planets and their own solar system like we do. It's one thing to say a large number like 100 million, but to actually see a picture of 100 millions suns is kind of mind-blowing.


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  • Дэвид Блейн. В Это Трудно Поверить!