• Baby H - Mere Naseeb Mein [Ethnic Funk]

    Baby H - Mere Naseeb Mein [Ethnic Funk]



  • Bayk Al - Green Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha [Ethnic Vocal Lounge]

    Bayk Al - Green Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha [Vocal Lounge]

    Мантру "подслушал", исполнение запало мгновенно.

  • Ben Leinbach Feat. Jai Uttal & Manose - The Spirit Of Yoga [Ethnic Meditative]

    I found my calling at an early age. Music. All styles, all forms. A barrier-free medium for expressing emotion and spreading peace. A sanctuary against the hardships of life. A slice of perfection and tranquility amidst the chaos. For me a religion of sorts.

    Ben Leinbach

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    01. Khumjung
    02. Horizon Of Gold
    03. Mother's Wingspan
    04. The Hierophant

    The Spirit of Yoga, the musical sanctuary Leinbach composed specially for avid ashtanga yoga practitioner and prominent vinyasa flow yoga teacher, Shiva Rea, also provides a haven for those seeking “tranquility amidst the chaos,” whether through meditation or simply through nurturing themselves with a soothing and relaxing backdrop wherever they happen to be.

    This is wonderfully relaxing music to ease stress away and promote peace of mind. Ideal for yoga, meditation, healing, whenever the attention is directed inward toward that dynamic place of stillness.

    Featured on the four long tracks that compose the album are Grammy nominated Jai Uttal who plays dotar and vocal chants; Manose Singh playing bamboo flute Leinbach calls the voices of heaven; and Bond Bergland on electric guitar. Leinbach provides synthesizers, harmonium, tamboura, acoustic guitar, vocal “oohs”, bells and chimes, and sound effects. The result of all this talent is blissful.

  • Bruno Coulais - Song of the Sea (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Top Selected) [Atmospheric Irish, Instrumental Ambient]

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    Чарующий инструментальный эмбиент, пропитанный ирландским этническим фольклором. Один из тех несправедливо забытых шедевров мультипликации, из замечательных, но малоизвестных мультфильмов. Музыку писал композитор Брюно Куле вмесие с ирландским фолк-коллективом Kíla. Несколько песен исполняют певицы Лиза Ханнеган, Нольвенн Леруа, Люси О'Коннелл.

    02. Bruno Coulais - The Mother's Portrait
    03. Bruno Coulais - The Sea Scene
    05. Bruno Coulais - The Key In The Sea
    06. Kila - The Derry Tune
    08. Bruno Coulais - Dance With The Fish
    12. Lisa Hannigan - Head Credits
    15. Bruno Coulais - Sadness
    19. Bruno Coulais - The Storm
    20. Kila - Katy's Tune
    21. Lisa Hannigan - In The Bus
    23. Lisa Hannigan - Amhrán Na Farraige

    Omitted Tracks:
    01. Lisa Hannigan - Song Of The Sea
    04. Lisa Hannigan - The Song
    07. Bruno Coulais - In The Streets
    09. Bruno Coulais - The Seals
    10. Lisa Hannigan - Something Is Wrong
    11. Bruno Coulais - Run
    13. Bruno Coulais - Get Away
    14. Bruno Coulais - Help
    16. Slim Pezin - Molly
    17. Bruno Coulais - I Hate You
    18. Bruno Coulais - Who Are You
    22. Lisa Hannigan - The Thread
    24. Nolwenn Leroy - Song Of The Sea (Lullaby) (From Song Of The Sea)
    25. Nolwenn Leroy - La chanson de la mer (berceuse) (Extrait du film Le chant de la mer)

  • Bryan Milton - Enigmatic Mix [Electronic Lounge]

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    1. Crystal Secret - Secret (Original mix)
    2. Jane Maximova - Stop Time (Original mix)
    3. Soarsweep - Losing Rays (Original Mix)
    4. Sequentia - Dont surrender (Lukas Termena Chillout mix)
    5. InFormation - Csillaut (with Shamane)
    6. Bianco Soleil - When The Piano Falls Silent
    7. Sonic Adventure Project - Sundown Dance (Original Mix)
    8. DJ ToLoK - Feelings (Original Mix)
    9. Lukas Termena - Feelings (Original)
    10. Valdi Sabev - Daydream (Original)
    11. Ben Gold feat. Senadee - Today (Chilled Datt Remix)
    12. Illitheas featuring Tiff Lacey - Little Heart (Chillout Mix)
    13. ID - ID
    14. Simon O Shine - Miss You (Chill Mix)
    15. Andain – Promises



  • Craig Pruess - Sacred Chants Of Shiva [Meditative Mantra]

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    1. Shiva Manas Puja (5:58)
    2. Bhavanyastakam (10:19)
    3. Shivoham (6:29)
    4. Atmastakam (7:42)
    5. Lingashtakam (6:33)
    6. Om Nama Shivaya (31:33)

    Spacious, transcendental Sanskrit Chants for meditation and silence.

    Includes "Shiva Manas Puja", "Shivoham" and "Astakams" - chants by Sri Adi Shankara. A long, slow, majestic rendition of "Om Nama Shivaya" with many voices, does transport the listener to an expansive, sacred space.

    The Sanskrit pronunciation and performance has been carefully guided by a great living spiritual master, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation. His guidance and grace has made these recordings extraordinary in their power and depth.




  • Hooverphonic - Jackie's Delirium [Ethnic Trip-Hop]

    Hooverphonic - Jackie's Delirium [Ethnic Trip-Hop]



  • Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger - Cicharisca: Finding The Path With Heart [Ethnic Ambient]

    Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger - Cicharisca: Finding The Path With Heart [Ethnic Ambient]

    Masterfully crafted sound-fields, realized from the deepest recesses of Human awareness, shift the listener into a state of dreaming, and breathe life into an incredible world of power and knowledge. Not for the casual listener.


  • Olga Podluzhnaya - the blessing of nature

    Шаманский псай транс.

  • Peter Gabriel - Passion (Remastered 2002) [Ethnic Ambient, World]

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    Саундтрек к фильму Мартина Скорцезе - «Последнее Искушение Христа», Passion - это мощный альбом, ставший результатом увлечения Питера Габриэля миром ближневосточных, индийских и африканских звуков. Эти разнообразные элементы смешаны в нетрадиционных атмосферных коллажах, которые странным образом звучат, как будто всегда должны были быть так соединены.

    Было бы сложно найти кого-либо, работающего в области инструментальной электронной музыки, кто не считал бы Passion одним из величайших достижений жанра. Несмотря на многочисленные имитации Passion остается одним из лучших когда-либо записанных альбомов в стиле Ethnic / Ambient / Fusion.



  • Spaceport Orkestra Of Benares - Russian Elephant [Ethnic Trip-Hop]

    Spaceport Orkestra Of Benares - Russian Elephant [Ethnic Trip-Hop]

    В композиции присутствуют обрывки диалогов из комедийного фильма Александра Рогожкина - «Особенности Национальной Охоты».

    Spaceport Orkestra Of Benares - Russian Elephant [Ethnic Trip-Hop]



  • The Flying Mars - Enlightened Nature [Psychedelic Breaks]

    The Flying Mars - Enlightened Nature [Psychedelic Breaks]

    Psydubby vibes, long tracks, juicy grooves and psychedelic melodies, listen, dance to it, fly with it, or do whatever you like...

    The Flying Mars @



  • Ujjaya - Raksha Bandhan (Bracelet Of Protection) [Ethnic Drone]

    Ujjaya - Raksha Bandhan (Bracelet Of Protection) [Ethnic Drone]

    Dedicated to my spirit sister Ganga Bharty who spent 6 years in a cave ilost in the snow of Himalaya. In india each year Sisters and brothers feast each other. The sisters attach a red bracelet on their brother's wrist to protect them from evil if they had to do or to go in a dangerous place (the strict translation is to neutralize the demon - Raksha = Demon, Bandhan = to attach).



  • Пелагея - Top Selected [Ethnic Vocal Chill]

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    Певица Пелагея – совершенно уникальная исполнительница. Став настоящей звездой российской сцены, она не старалась быть «модной» и «актуальной», а шла своим собственным путем, и потому всегда близка слушателям.


    01. Прелюдия
    02. Кумушки
    03. Пташечка
    04. Колечко
    05. Былинка
    06. Дрёма (колыбельная)
    07. Щедривочка
    08. Голубушка
    09. Разлилась
    10. Фиолетовые сны
    11. Тропы

  • Пелагея - Пташечка [Ethnic Chill]

    Пелагея - Пташечка [Ethnic Chill]

    Славянская красота.