Electronic Genre

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 10 [Chillin]

    Styles: Vocal Chillout, Ambient, Minimal Trance, Dark Drone Ambient, Ethnic Chill, Ambient Breaks, Progressive Breaks, Atmospheric DownTempo, Punk Breaks, Vocal Lounge, Ethnic Ambient, Deep Ambient

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    01. BT Feat. Jes - Every Other Way (Hammock Remix) [Vocal Chillout]
    02. Bop - Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix) [Ambient]
    03. Dave Saved - Untitled 47 [Minimal Trance]
    04. Mas Teeveh - End Behind The Act [Dark Drone Ambient]
    05. Pelageya - Ptashechka [Ethnic Chill]
    06. Planisphere - Nothings Slave [Ambient Breaks]
    07. Pole Folder Feat. Sandra Ferretti - Protected (Fretwell Remix) [Progressive Breaks]
    08. Schiller - Morgenrot [Atmospheric DownTempo]
    09. The Prodigy - Diesel Power (Instrumental) [Punk Breaks]
    10. The Roc Project Feat. Tina Arena - Never (Chillout Mix) [Vocal Lounge]
    11. Ujjaya - Raksha Bandhan (Bracelet Of Protection) [Ethnic Ambient]
    12. Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno - An Ending (Ascent) [Deep Ambient]

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 12 [Chillin]

    Styles: Psybient, Hip-Hop Reggae, Chill Beat, Acoustic Drone Ambient, Dark Trip Hop, Drone Ambient, Acoustic Ambient, Atmospheric DubStep, Abstract Trip-Hop, Space Ambient, Indie Electronic, Atmospheric Breaks

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    01. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis [Psybient]
    02. Dr. Alban - Roll Down Di Rubber Man [Hip-Hop Reggae]
    03. London Grammar - Hey Now (XYPO Remix) [Chill Beat]
    04. James Murray - Floods [Acoustic Drone Ambient]
    05. Massive Attack - Antistar [Dark Trip Hop]
    06. Jason Graves - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Dead Space Original Soundtrack) (Distribution Mix) [Drone Ambient]
    07. Klaus Schulze - Follow Me Down, Follow Me Down [Acoustic Ambient]
    08. Merce - Memories [Atmospheric DubStep]
    09. Massive Attack Feat. Hope Sandoval - The Spoils [Abstract Trip-Hop]
    10. Speck - Sleep Alone [Space Ambient]
    11. London Grammar - Sights [Indie, Electronic]
    12. Stewart Keenan, Michael Levan - Magnolia (Michael & Levan Remix) [Atmospheric Breaks]

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 13 [Chillin]

    Styles: Chill Funk, Psybient, DownTempo, Acid Ambient, Progressive Breaks, Chillout, Electronic, Indie, Drum 'n' Bass, Chillstep, Atmospheric Psybient, Alternative Vocal, Psychedelic Breaks, Instrumental Ambient

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    01. Blank & Jones Vs. Boney M - Sunny (Summer Vibe Mix) [Chill Funk]
    02. Bluetech - Laika [Psybient, DownTempo]
    03. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Comsat [Acid Ambient]
    04. Guy J - Candyland [Progressive Breaks]
    05. M83 - Outro [Electronic, Indie]
    06. Mark Knight Feat. Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix) [Drum 'n' Bass]
    07. Ofdream - Ninth Gate [Chillstep]
    08. Solar Fields - Jeezlh [Atmospheric Psybient]
    09. The Cranberries - No Need To Argue [Alternative Vocal]
    10. The Flying Mars - Enlightened Nature [Psychedelic Breaks]
    11. Tycho - Melanine [Instrumental Ambient]
    12. Guy J - Lamur (AM Mix) [Chillout]

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 3 [Chillin]

    Styles: Ambient, Psychedelic Ambient, Chillout, New Age, Ambient Pop, Meditative, Ambient Electro-Rock

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    01. Chronos - Planetarium (Aquarius Edit) [Ambient]
    02. Derek Howell - Frijoles Frescos [Psychedelic Ambient]
    03. Electrypnose - Neverending Story [Psychedelic Ambient]
    04. H.U.V.A Network - Time Circles [Psychedelic Ambient]
    05. Leama & Moor - Shades Of Yellow (Original Version) [Chillout]
    06. Fila Brazilia - Lullaby Berkowitz [Ambient]
    07. Oceanlab - I Am What I Am [New Age]
    08. Solar Fields - Detection (Partially Detected) [Psychedelic Ambient]
    09. Svetlana Vladimirskaia - Malchik Moi [Ambient Pop]
    10. Yonderboi - Amor [Ambient]
    11. Symbian And Venja - Taking The Waters [Meditative]
    12. Tau Kita - Flying In The Rain [Ambient Electro-Rock]

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 4 [Chillin]

    Styles: Psychedelic Ambient, Psychedelic Instrumental, Neoclassical, Ambient, Chillout, Instrumental Ambient

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    01. Secede - Foliage Pathway [Psychedelic Ambient]
    02. ASURA - Getsemani [Psychedelic Instrumental]
    03. Carbon Based Lifeforms - 20 Minutes [Psychedelic Ambient]
    04. Steve Jablonsky - Arirang [Neoclassical]
    05. Moonbeam - Myth [Ambient]
    06. ASURA - Longing For Silence [Psychedelic Ambient]
    07. H.U.V.A. Network - .Blank [Psychedelic Ambient]
    08. Murya - Gray Daze [Psychedelic Ambient]
    09. Trentemoller - Miss You [Ambient]
    10. Envio - Touched By The Sun (Rusch And Elusive Chillout Mix) [Chillout]
    11. Aaron Goodwyn - Atonement [Instrumental Ambient]
    12. Above And Beyond Feat. Zoe - Good For Me (Album Version) [Chillout]

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 5 [Chillin]

    Styles: Drum & Bass, Electronic Rock, Esoteric, Ambient DownTempo, Atmospheric Ambient, New Age, Dark Trip-Hop, Electronic Reggae, Chillout, Psy Ambient, DubStep

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    01. Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y Remix) [Drum & Bass]
    02. Dave Gahan - Saw Something [Electronic Rock]
    03. Enigma - Goodbye Milky Way (Radio Edit) [Esoteric]
    04. Terra Nine - No Return (Ott Remix) [Ambient DownTempo]
    05. Alucidnation - Solitaire [Atmospheric Ambient]
    06. Sunlounger - Lost (Chill Version) [New Age]
    07. Massive Attack Feat. Mos Def - I Against I (Digitally Remastered) [Dark Trip-Hop]
    08. Tom Fire Feat. Matthew Mcanuff - Brainwash [Electronic Reggae]
    09. iiO - At The End (Sat & Lee Howler Reprise Imitation Edit)
    10. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Init [Psy Ambient]
    11. John Dahlback - Everywhere (D.O.N.S. Vs. Tranquillo Chill Mix) (Alexandre Noctua Dubstep Bootleg) [Dubstep]
    12. iiO - Rapture (Soulside Remix) [Chillout]

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 7 [Chillin]

    Styles: Electronic, Psy Ambient, Atmospheric Trip-Hop, Electro Breaks, Psy Downtempo, Deep Psy Ambient, Punk Trip-Hop, Chill Trip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass, Retro Lounge

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    01. Apparat Feat. Thom Yorke - Arcadia [Electronic]
    02. Asura - Virgin Delight [Psy Ambient]
    03. Enigma - Why! (Gatto Mix) [Atmospheric Trip-Hop]
    04. Evil Nine - Crooked (James Lavelle Remix) [Electro Breaks]
    05. Injection - Under My Skin (Original Mix) [Psy Downtempo]
    06. No Love - Disconnection (Bassbin Twins Edit) [Electro Breaks]
    07. Solar Fields - Combinations [Deep Psy Ambient]
    08. The Prodigy - Poison (95Eq) [Punk Trip-Hop]
    09. Trainspotting - Out Of Mind 2011 (Original Mix) [Chill Trip Hop]
    10. U:tama - Substance N Hype [Drum 'n' Bass]
    11. Vibrasphere - Ensueno [Psy Ambient]
    12. Михаил Боярский - Все Пройдет [Retro Lounge]

  • Best Of Electronic Genre Vol. 9 [Chillin]

    Styles: Deep Ambient, Psy Breaks, Trip-Hop, Electronic Lounge, Psy Chill, Progressive Breaks, Electronic Pop, Breaks, Deep Experimental Ambient, Chillout, Electronic Blues, Vocal Chillout

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    01. Alucidnation - 15 Below [Deep Ambient]
    02. Astral Projection - Ambient Galaxy (Disco Valley Mix) [Psy Breaks]
    03. Massive Attack Feat. Terry Callier - Live With Me [Trip-Hop]
    04. Blank & Jones Feat. Elles - Flaming June [Electronic Lounge]
    05. Den Rize Pres. D.R. - Window (Live Draft) [Psy Chill]
    06. Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix) [Progressive Breaks]
    07. Erasure - Always (7 Inch Mix) [Electronic Pop]
    08. Futureshock Feat. Ben Onono - On My Mind (2B4U Breaks Bootleg) [Breaks]
    09. SFX A.K.A. Astral Projection - Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen) [Psy Breaks]
    10. Shambala Networks - Ant Sin (True Friendship) [Deep Experimental Ambient]
    11. Soarsweep - Losing Rays (Original Mix) [Chillout]
    12. Massive Attack Feat. Terry Callier - Live With Me (Performance Version) [Electronic Blues]
    13. Futureshock Feat. Ben Onono - On My Mind (Electric Lounge Version) [Vocal Chillout]

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