• Baby H - Mere Naseeb Mein [Ethnic Funk]

    Baby H - Mere Naseeb Mein [Ethnic Funk]



  • Bayk Al - Green Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha [Ethnic Vocal Lounge]

    Bayk Al - Green Tara Mantra | Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha [Vocal Lounge]

    Мантру "подслушал", исполнение запало мгновенно.

  • Ben Kingsley In «Gandhi»

    Ben Kingsley In «Gandhi»

    The screenplay of Gandhi is available as a published book. The film opens with a statement from the filmmakers explaining their approach to the problem of filming Gandhi's complex life story:
    “No man's life can be encompassed in one telling. There is no way to give each year its allotted weight, to include each event, each person who helped to shape a lifetime. What can be done is to be faithful in spirit to the record and to try to find one's way to the heart of the man...”

    The film begins with Gandhi's assassination on 30 January 1948, and his funeral. After an evening prayer, an elderly Gandhi is helped out for his evening walk to meet a large number of greeters and admirers. One of these visitors - Nathuram Godse - shoots him point blank in the chest. Gandhi exclaims, "Oh, God!" ("Hē Ram!" historically), and then falls dead. The film then cuts to a huge procession at his funeral, which is attended by dignitaries from around the world.

  • Ben Leinbach - The Spirit Of Yoga & «Baraka» (Meditative)

    My vision of best footage from Baraka documentary, combined with a highly meditative sound from Ben Leinbach, named Khumjung (The Spirit Of Yoga album).

  • Craig Pruess - Shiva Manas Puja (G-Ne Edit) & (Sis Edit) [Progressive House]

    Craig Pruess - Shiva Manas Puja (G-Ne Edit) & (Sis Edit) [Progressive House]

    An iconic mantra remixed into wonderful Progressive House.

    G-Ne Edit




    Sis Edit



    Sis playing it live @ Monza Ibiza


    Sort of a rarity remix, never released anywhere.


    Original Album
  • Holi

    The world is fascinating. People and cultures inspire us. Sadly, the fast paced lifestyles of our generation result in many not taking the necessary step back to soak in the existing world around us. Our goal with this film is to help viewers further appreciate and take notice of the beauty in life & culture that lies within our world... the next time you notice something that strikes you as interesting, stop for a second, start powering on your camera, think about why it's unique, and snap the shot before you miss it. Life is extraordinary. Embrace it.

    Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus, as a festival of colors. It is primarily observed in India and Nepal. It is observed by the minority Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan as well in countries with large Indic diaspora populations following Hinduism, such as Suriname, Malaysia, Guyana, South Africa, Trinidad, United Kingdom, United States, Mauritius, and Fiji.

    It is also known as Phagwah and Festival of Colours, or as Doajata in Orissa and Dol Jatra or Basantotsav ("spring festival") in West Bengal. Holi is of particular significance in the Braj region, locations traditionally connected to the Lord Krishna: Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandagaon, and Barsana, which become tourist destinations during the season of Holi.

    Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit, or Dhulheti, Dhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other. Bonfires are lit on the eve of the festival, also known as Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti Holi (little Holi), after which holika dahan prayers are said and praise is offered. The bonfires are lit in memory of the miraculous escape that young Prahlad accomplished when Demoness Holika, sister of Hiranyakashipu, carried him into the fire. Holika was burnt but Prahlad, a staunch devotee of god Vishnu, escaped without any injuries due to his devotion. Holika Dahan is referred to as Kama Dahanam in South India.

  • Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In «Guzaarish»

    Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In «Guzaarish»

    The story is set in Goa. Ethan Mascarenhas (Hrithik Roshan) is a former magician who is paralyzed from neck down quadriplegic. He is currently a Radio Jockey. Sofia D'Souza (Aishwarya Rai), is his nurse for the past twelve years. On the fourteenth anniversary of his accident, Ethan decides to file an appeal to the court for euthanasia (mercy killing) with the help of his best friend and lawyer Devyani Dutta (Shernaz Patel). Ethan's mother Isabel Mascarenhas (Nafisa Ali) also supports him in his petition, backing her son's demand. A young man named Omar Siddiqui (Aditya Roy Kapoor) enters Ethan's life to learn magic from him.

    Judge Rajhansmoni (Vijay Crishna) dismisses the case immediately when the case is presented in the court. Devyani asks Ethan to garner public support through a vote on the issue through his radio programme, which Ethan christens "Project Eathanasia." . The issue comes into the limelight through news features in the television and other media. An appeal is once again submitted to the court. In between Ethan's mother passes away and Sofia is dragged away by her alcoholic husband, Neville D'Souza (Makarand Deshpande) against whom she had filed a divorce case.

  • India Through Photo & Digital Art

  • India Through Photo & Digital Art Vol. 2

  • India Through Photo & Digital Art Vol. 3

  • India Through Photo & Digital Art Vol. 4

  • India Through Photo & Digital Art Vol. 5

  • INDRA [Electronic, Space Ambient]

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    Его музыка - проявление сознания. Осмелюсь назвать этого, на удивление малоизвестного ветерана электронной музыки - румынским Клаусом Шульцом. И вполне обоснованно, ведь INDRA, настоящее имя Дан Бозару (Dan Bozaru), c ранних лет своего творческого пути являлся сторонником ранней берлинской школы электронной музыки, ещё с 80-х вдохновляясь звучанием легендарных мастеров вроде Klaus Schulze, Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre.

    Слушая его ранние альбомы, начинаешь думать что это Клаус Шульц, однако в более поздних своих работах, музыкант пошел по своему пути, определяя свои уникальные вибрации и направление.

    Если попытаться дать какое-то определение музыкальному стилю ИНДРЫ, можно его воспринимать как симбиоз старой берлинской школы электроники с эмбиентом, и элементами new age.

    Музыку ИНДРЫ рекоммендуется слушать, позволив уму быть в атмосфере её звучания.

    01. Turning Away (1993) (Remastered 2010) - 04. The Sacred Hall (Bonus Track)
    02. Parallel Time (1993) (Remastered 2010) - 03. The Twins (Bonus Track 2007)
    03. Cosmic Sound (1994) - 01. Nova New
    04. Cosmic Sound (1994) - 02. Veda
    05. Cosmic Sound (1994) - 03. Alcyone (Bonus Track)
    06. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 02. Action
    07. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 03. Temple
    08. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 04. Devi
    09. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 05. Plenitude
    10. Plenitude (1994) (Remastered 2011) - 06. On The Beach (Bonus Track 2009)
    11. Colosseum (1994) - 03. Passion Around
    12. Maharaj (2006) (Re-Release) - 05. Coming In The City
    13. Echo In Time (1998) - 05. Holy Mountain
    14. Ocean Of Silence (1999) - 01. Choralia
    15. Ultimate Nexus (2001) - 06. Beyond Classic
    16. Ultimate Nexus (2001) - 07. Ultimate Nexus
    17. Signs (2005) - 01. Atlas On Stage
    18. Signs (2005) - 08. The Monk
    19. Signs (2005) - 09. Next Future
    20. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 1 (2005) - 03. In Search For A New Land
    21. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 1 (2005) - 05. Magic Circle
    22. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 2 (2005) - 01. Enigmatic Rumours
    23. The Call Of Shiva Vol. 2 (2005) - 03. Bindu
    24. The Challenge (2006) - 01. Rudyan
    25. The Challenge (2006) - 06. The End Of The Childhood
    26. The Challenge (2006) - 07. Serenade In Due
    27. The Challenge (2006) - 08. Fantasia
    28. The Challenge (2006) - 09. The Soldier's Requiem
    29. Interactive Play - The Essential CD 2 (1995) - 06. The Holy Dance (From The Album Magic Collection)
    30. Live In The Saltmine (2007) - 02. The Moog Prophecy
    31. Live In The Saltmine (2007) - 03. Mythical Forest
    32. The Pyramid Concert - Live In Denmark (2008) - 03. Reclusion
    33. The Pyramid Concert - Live In Denmark (2008) - 05. The Dreamer
    34. Tantric Celebration 1 - Kali (2006) - 01. True Heart
    35. Tantric Celebration 1 - Kali (2006) - 02. Initiation
    36. Tantric Celebration 1 - Kali (2006) - 03. Ritual Night Dancer
    37. Tantric Celebration 2 - Tara (2007) - 02. The Long Journey
    38. Tantric Celebration 2 - Tara (2007) - 03. Anthology
    39. Tantric Celebration 3 - Tripura Sundari (2007) - Elixir
    40. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 01. One Billion Light Years
    41. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 02. Tiamat
    42. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 03. Alchemy Of Life
    43. Tantric Celebration 4 - Bhuvaneshvari (2008) - 04. Profundis
    44. Tantric Celebration 5 - Tripura Bhairavi (2009) - 01. Lalette
    45. Tantric Celebration 5 - Tripura Bhairavi (2009) - 02. The Steady Man
    46. Tantric Celebration 5 -

  • Istvan Sky - The Song Of The Butterfly

    The healing sound is born in a deep meditative state. Just sit in silence in nature. Let the ancient cosmic harmony probe deeply into your heart. Breathe slowly and listen to the songs of trees, plants and birds. Breathe together with spring, be the unfolding flower, breathe together with summer, with the miracle of completeness. Breathe together with autumn, with the passing of time and breathe together with the quiet stillness of winter.

    Поддержать музыканта

  • Josh Hamilton In «Outsourced»

    Josh Hamilton In «Outsourced»

    “Outsourced,” in which a Seattle call center manager named Todd (Josh Hamilton) is fired and then dispatched to India as a consultant to train his own replacement, is a wonderful surprise.

    At first it threatens to be just another fish-out-of-water story. The film’s director, John Jeffcoat, and his co-writer, George Wing, hit expected marks, from the moment when a street urchin swipes the hero’s cellphone to the bit where Todd learns why Indians don’t eat with their left hand to the scene where Todd realizes that his sharpest employee, an outspoken young woman named Asha (Ayesha Dharker), is gorgeous and has a crush on him.

    Gratifyingly, though, the filmmakers treat Todd’s story as a springboard for a smart look at the effect of cultural difference on work, friendship and love, and the global economy’s impact on national and personal identity.

    Todd, being American, has no sense of himself as an American. He has an allergic reaction to Indian culture (embodied by the intestinal distress he suffers after eating local food). He is also taken aback by Indians’ emphasis on family ties and social obligations, and they in turn are politely aghast at Todd’s disconnection from his own relatives.

    Todd’s trainee, the polite, 40-ish Puro (Asif Basra), lives with his parents and is surprised that Todd lives alone and rarely visits his own mother. He insists that Todd forgo his prearranged hotel room and stay at his home, where his mom cooks up a storm and grills Todd on why he isn’t married yet.

  • Kalki - Varanasi (Official Music Video)

    Псайкеделик транс и волшебство Индии, потрясающий монтаж, эффекты, атмосфера!

  • Kalki - Varanasi (Official Music Video)

  • Mathias Grassow - Feather, Wind, Silence, Part I (Dharma Album) [Dark Drone Ambient]

    Mathias Grassow - Feather, Wind, Silence, Part I (Dharma Album) [Dark Drone Ambient]

    Mathias мастерски гипнотично гудит, инкрустируя произведение дополнительными инструментами, настоящий амбиентый шедевральный опус.


    О музыке Drone (Drone Ambient):

    Для Drone характерны монотонные низкочастотные гудения, разноритмовые вибрации, создающие в сумме сплошной звуковой ландшафт (soundscape), а так же мистические и паранаучные идеи. Изначально источниками звука были электрогитары, позднее к ним прибавились природные (звуки ветра, воды) и синтезируемые звуки.