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Jana Sleep - Eco

Dynamic Music [House, Techno]

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MNMT Events: Valentino Mora @ BLÅ (Oslo, Norway) [Deep Techno]

On the 28th of September Monument was pleased to have hosted the amazing Valentino Mora, at what was yet another successful club night at BLÅ in Oslo, Norway.

For four hours, the IDO label head with his deep distinctive slow burn touch, put on quite the show. A sublime execution loaded with cosmic shimmer, morphing bass-lines and tribal percussion. Monuments stomping ground was set to slow cook.

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The Trees, The Sea & The Sun is the culmination of all the esteemed sounds that Guy J holds so dearly to himself, merged into a listening experience like no other. Atmospheric melodies were married with minimal techno percussion in a never before heard fusion of left field sounds.

The Trees, The Sea & The Sun elevates the trademark sound that has made Guy J the revered artist that stands before us today. Drawing inspiration from a vast collection of influences, this release perfectly embraces and incorporates Guys mesmeric production style weaving through wonderfully programmed drum rhythms in Equinox and Live Another Days flurrying synth arrangements.

Demonstrating his versatility as not only a producer, but as an electronic artist, the likes of Mad Sine and Paradox showcase the ability to create intricately crafted experimental productions.

Never straying too far away from this element of his career, Opera and Nirvana are two tracks that are certain to sound out through speakers of clubs and festival across the globe. A vast melting pot of sonic exploration showcasing the extensive creative talent of Guy J compiled into two CDs of the highest caliber; The Trees, The Sea & The Sun reiterates Guy Js status as one of dance musics most inspired, driven and talented artists.

01. Argeman (7:52)
02. Bungalow (7:36)
03. Sleep In My Arms (7:03)
04. 8 Minute Flight (8:17)
05. Fool's Don't Last (7:58)
06. Opera (8:19)
07. Equinox (7:32)
08. Live Another Day (8:02)
09. Provokoter (7:42)
10. Nirvana (10:18)
11. Fly (Dub) (7:28)
12. Last Of Us (8:34)
13. The Love & The Fear (10:52)
14. Welcome Reality (6:22)
15. Sunset In Miami (6:36)
16. Social Butterfly (7:34)
17. Miss You Miles Away (6:08)
18. Mad Sine (7:36)
19. When We Met (5:23)
20. Paradox (10:16)
21. My Dizzy (7:26)
22. Forever & Ever (6:46)



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The Sunrise Set brings hope that Markus Schulz is still headed towards promoting the genuine trance music, and that is great! Thank you, Markus for the magic annual compilation!

Компиляция Sunrise Set воодушевляет осознанием того что, похоже, Маркус Шульц все еще заинтересован в продвижении настоящей транс музыки, и это здорово! Спасибо Маркусу за этот волшебный ежегодный сборник!

01. M83 - Un Nouveau Soleil
02. Modd - Velotrip
03. Andre Sobota - Missing Line
04. Orkidea - Epicentre
05. Ben Bohmer & Hifi Brother - Sonnenallee
06. Dylhen - Illuminate
07. A.M.R - Orchids
08. Dark Architects - Architectuality (Alex Rusin Deep Remix)
09. The Thrillseekers - In These Arms (Stoneface & Terminal presents Gundamea Remix)
10. Guy J - Candyland
11. Above & Beyond presents OceanLab - Another Chance
12. Matthew Adams presents Stratosphere - Sunscape (Alucard's Eagle in the Rain Mix)
13. Ryan Farish - Stars Collide (Thomas Datt Remix)
14. IN5UM - Napa Love (Limetra Remix)
15. Solee - And When We Dance We'll Dance Forever
16. David Gradwell - Resolution
17. Valentina Lisitsa - The Heart Asks Pleasure First
18. Coca & Villa - La Noche
19. The Blizzard - Decade
20. System F - Insolation (Ferry Corsten Remix)
21. Duderstadt - Muhanjala (Davey Asprey Remix)
22. Nick Thompson - Strategos
23. Tim Verkruissen & Monoverse - While the City Sleeps
24. Lange - Our Brief Time in the Sun (Protoculture Remix)
25. Dennis Sheperd & Bjorn Akesson - Memoria
26. Gabrielle AG & Mose - Freyja
27. Hans Zimmer - The Blue Planet (Markus Schulz Remix)
28. Johan Gielen & Tatana - End of Time (Johan Gielen Mix)
29. Markus Schulz presents Dakota - The Ninth Sky
30. Czech National Symphony Orchestra - Balcony Scene from Romeo & Juliet



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